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So it hasn't been the best few weeks for us in terms of consistent performances or results. It has made it hard on us with regard to any title thoughts we all may have had, and my oh my has the forum felt the wrath from some of the mighty blues fans. After reading a few threads I had made a conscious decision to stay away from the match day threads (no great loss there I hear you say), in particular due to some of the content aimed at the team in the wake of poor performances and some aimed at forum members. I have no right or want to dictate to anyone what they should or shouldn't post, we all have our opinions and should rightly and freely be able to express them, so if you can bear to read on, I would like to share my thoughts on the last few weeks and why it has bothered me so.


Sometime around the mid-nineties, an old family friend of ours informed me he was a Chelsea fan and used to go and watch Roy Bentley and the boys in the 50's. At this stage I had been going to see the blues for about 10 years and still thought of myself as a boy in terms of support, to be a real fan you needed to put in the time. Here was a man who had earned his stripes as a blues fan, he had my respect.


Going to the bridge week in week out, standing in the shed in the same spot, looking around seeing the older faces, listening to them, they knew their stuff, I had a long way to go. Then I became a member and started going to away games, back in the shed you would see faces, the same faces who were away with you on a pissy night in some dreary town where you had watched the Chelsea get beat. They now looked at me, and I felt great, I felt staunch.


Many people on here have more stories to tell than I, lads and ladies who went through the 60's and 70's, not always successful times. Then the era where I started my dottage, the 80's. I never thought we would win anything, and to be quite honest winning a match on a Saturday was about as far as my expectations went. We were in every sense of the word a poor team, maybe even sh*t at times. Relegation, terraces closed, 2nd division and it looked like we were going to go down to the 3rd division if we didn't get our act together. We did we romped it.


Have these experiences given me a better perspective when things like the last few weeks have not gone our way ? You better believe I think they have. Does it make me a better supporter than those who haven't ? Absolutely not. 


This is why this forum is such an amazing place. Behind each post is a Chelsea fan first and foremost, I don't know how long you have supported Chelsea, how many times you have been, how many appalling away kits you have worn. It's an amazing leveller, 40 years a supporter or 40 days a supporter, I don't know so base my thoughts on a post purely on its merit to me.


So when the threads are reduced to we, they, he is sh*t. When we reduce threads to clearout half the squad, drop him after a few loss'es it drives me mad. We pride ourselves on not being as flighty as RAWK or RedCafe, lets continue that. Someone said on the PSG thread, maybe take 5 minutes. We have an amazing club, an amazing manager and amazing players who are not sh*t. We may not play as well as we would like at times, but I'm still living in a dream world when I think that we were playing PSG in the Champions League quarter finals. Anyone remember the Simod cup ? Prestigious wasn't it.


Wanting us to do better, become better, is a pre-requisite. Get mad, get upset, get angry, that's part of it, but have balance, perspective, longevity of service doesn't even come into it. Because we are most definitely not sh*t.


Oh and lets be nicer to each other !  :wink: f**kers

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well said, I particularly don't like the personal sledging that goes on in some threads. we're all here because we love Chelsea. when there's a bad performance it's frustrating and we're all looking for answers but there's no point in taking it out on each other

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well said m8, we can all get pissy in the heat of the moment, but let's face it life is about contrasts, there can be no happy without sad,

no light without dark, and no farkin winning without losing


Chelsea FC being in business and us lot getting to watch competitive matches in person or on big f-off HDTVs  - win or lose is what its all about peeps !!

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Good post mate, I think some people expect to much and don't appreciate how good things are, there will be a time in my life time, I'm sure, when we take a fall from grace, whether it be a Leeds style where it goes really badly or a Liverpool style where it quickly recovers without too much damage. Either way I hope it doesn't happen, but that thought makes me realise how lucky we currently are

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Great post mate.

Maybe it would be a good idea, especially if we lose a game, that forum members take a time out after said game.

Wait,as I do now, at least a day, before committing your views.

Amazingly, most times my perspective changes once the initial anger etc subsides.

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You make some fair points in this post. I guess we (including myself) let our passions boil over and more often than not, there needs to be a target to throw the blame at. I've never engaged in the name calling of other forum members, nor do I ever intend to, even if some posts do ruffle my feathers a bit.

I think I will leave off posting for an hour after a losing game from now on. Would make sense to do so.

Don't get me wrong though, I do appreciate where we are as a club. Back when I started supporting Chelsea, we were really poor (way before the likes of Gullit and co) and if you'd asked me at the time if we would ever win the premiership, FA cup and European cups, I would have called you insane. Albeit with a smile.

There definitely needs to be more unity on here though. After all, I did join this forum to chat with other Chelsea fans, not argue.

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