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Yes , Mr Brady has another dig at us.

On RTE before the Porto game , they showed an interview with J.M.

''Brady''.............''Cant stand that man and i cant stand Chelsea, i hope they fail miserably this year''

Nice one Liam , im just going through your managerial carreer , ill get back to you .

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I've always hated Brady, he was an excellent player but a prize tosser - I blame Myra Hindley icon_lol.gif

What is it with ex-Irish players, they seem to hate us - Johnny Giles, Liam Brady, Eamonn Dunphy, Tony Cascarino, etc........ icon_eek.gif

Dunphy was a sh*te player at Millwall, and played in the Irish team long before they were good - who the hell decided he'd make a good football critic? icon_rolleyes.gif

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Paid the Gills ?250/275 grand in the mid eighties, I think

oops icon_redface.gif I think I meant when he signed for Gillingham then, I think they signed him from non-league Welling for a bag of tracksuits for the 1st team.

Oh I dont remember that, surely not the most overpriced signing though even for Cas icon_lol.gif

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Brady was a great player , no doubt about that but he's so obsessed with wanting Chelsea to fail . He's a miserable f***er most of the time and for somebody who's on TV regular , he has the personality of a bag of vomit.

Dunphy is just a two faced cock roach .

Giles hates Chelsea so much its embarassing listening to him and its starting to get boring .

Cascarino will go down in Irish history as one of the worst players ever to wear a green shirt .

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