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Adrian Durham Article - C**t

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I won't be bothering with it, no doubt he will be inducted into the Scouse hall of fame, for grovelling services to the dippers, but I simply cannot be ars*d to read something that is clearly designed to incite mass debate amongst the shirt burners.

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I take it it's yet another cliche-ridden sycophantic article telling us what Liverpool "deserve". He could have just cut and pasted the one from the other day.


You only have to take a look at the user comments under these articles to see what the neutrals really think of them.

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Adrian Durham is well practiced at arrogantly spouting moronic and inflammatory football opinions in the hope of prompting a response....


I doubt he believes most of what he says and writes.


However, and not comparing footballing ability here, if things got serious I'd be happier with JT by my side and I suspect most footballing professionals would also (with one or two defensive minded exceptions)

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That's the first article I'd seen by him, but reading through it, I couldn't help but think he has to be at it. Some of the comments in it are just beyond ridiculous! His hatred for any thing Chelsea is laughable.

After reading a few comments, I went and had a look at some other articles. One where he thinks Gerrard should be player of the year, called Yaya Toure lazy, and said Hazard suffered from Mourihnos negative tactics.

Praying that we take the title off then, I'm love to read is greeting faced article about it.

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Adrian Durham is pad to be a wind up merchant. Even he knows what he says is nonsense.


Honestly, life is far too short to get wound up by this type of thing. Turn it down, close it down or dont read it. Then it wont bother you. Go for a walk instead.

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Frankly I don't think I've ever agreed with anything he's written. Like seriously...everything he writes is wrong...don't think I've agreed with his views about anything.


That's why I don't care. He's a troll.

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It's not even the stupidest article posted on there today, the one by Dom King about Gerrard being undisputedly the best EPL player ever if he wins the title this season was even worse.


what would he know? He's a boxing promoter!  :biggrin:

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Terry asked for another professional footballer to be sent off and a referee duly obliged.


Gerrard drove his team on to victory and then showed the true emotion of a player passionate about his team, his club and the Liverpool supporters.


It’s a no-brainer isn’t it?


Can't believe I'm going to spend 10 minutes deconstructing such an obvious wind up, but here it goes!

Pope Steven Gerrard I has never done such a thing- oh no! I can't find footage of it, so apologies for another Daily Fail link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-488826/Gerrard-accused-red-card.html


Moyes was convinced Gerrard had influenced the referee into giving Hibbert a red card after the Everton defender had brought him down in the box for the equalising penalty in the 54th minute.'The referee pulled out a yellow card for Tony Hibbert and not a red one until the captain [Gerrard]went over and spoke to him, so maybe he has changed his mind,' said an angry Moyes


Durham goes on to contend


If Chelsea do win the title now it will have more to do with the extra £30million they spent on Mo Salah and Nemanja Matic in January, than any kind of brilliance from Mourinho.




Ermm I'm pretty sure those two deals were financed by the £55-60 million we recouped from De Bruyne and Mata. But never mind Adrian, keep spouting sh*te. Also indirectly implies that Liverpool have never spent a dime on transfers or on wages. Interestingly Liverpool are the 4th highest wage payers in the league, Chelsea second. 




Liverpool pay their players handsomely – on average £3.4m per man per year â€“ but those figures are some way short of the annual salaries paid by Arsenal (£3.9m), Chelsea (£4m), Manchester United (£4.3m) and Manchester City (£5.3m)


So in other words, we pay our players on average £600k a year more than Liverpool. Sounds like a lot? Unitl you see Man City pay £1.3m more than us. Taking into account the fact that Liverpool haven't had Champions League revenue for 4 or 5 years, they are paying a hell of a lot on their wage bill. Kind of suggests that they've been underacheving if they've had this wage bill with no end result til recently. Granted they're having a good season, but all we're hearing at the moment is of plucky small Liverpool.




 How many referees have shown two yellows for just two fouls committed in a game? Neither foul denied a clear goalscoring opportunity, and neither caused an injury. One was even in the Chelsea half. 



Oo oo, I know! Willian? His 2 fouls were good enough for Chris Foy. In any case, what the flying f**k does it matter where the foul is committed? By Durham-Logic, a 2 footed tackle committed by a Swansea player in our penalty area is OK. In any case, it was an absolutely cynical challenge from the Swansea player to stop a dangerous counter attack.


So when you deconstruct his ramblings, it comes down to 'football justice'. Give us a break. If Liverpool finish with the most points, then congratulations, they deserve it. But the way the media are crowning them champions and cheering them on is nauseating. Look at this tweet from Gary Lineker on Sunday



Gary Lineker â€@GaryLineker  Apr 13

I'm going to put my neutrality to one side and say I would love to see Steven Gerrard lift the Premier League trophy.


Erm, Ok. Considering Hamann and Hansen were the guest pundits on MOTD2, we may as well have been watching Liverpool FCTV. No Swansea or Chelsea representation? OK Hamann with City, but he almost has a scouse accent for goodness sake!


But off on a tangent I go...A lot of the media would love it if Liverpool won, it's up to us to upset them and get the media crying.

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Adrian Durham is a total waste of skin and has never written a meaningful word in his entire life. Unbelievable (although I suppose not considering he works for the Mail) that people get paid to write complete nonsense on purpose.

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I'm another one who won't bother reading Durham's latest pile of drivell. Yesterday I heard the ginger tosser propounding on the unfairness of the sending off, giving his own peculiar interpretation of the rules of the game. Durham was at great pains to emphasise that a yellow card was given for a foul ithat didn't prevent a goalscoring opportunity, and that another shouldn't have been a booking because, to paraphrase the prize prick, it was in the wrong area of the pitch.


So there you go. The Gospel According to Durham states that there are no-go zones on the football pitch, where bookings should not be given. Neither should a yellow - not a red mind you, but a yellow - card be given if it  doesn't prevent a goalscoring opportunity.  These rules only apply to whatever team Chelsea happen to be playing... or whichever team Durham decides to have a go at on any particular day.


Durham's anti-Chelsea tirade included a repeat of his pro-Barcelona comments that a Chelsea title win would be catastrophic for the game. All the while juxtaposed with laughably pro-Scouse propaganda.


I'm not one of those TalkSport haters. I quite enjoy Colin Murray, and the afternoon slot is usually at least tolerable. But a couple of minutes of Durham's Daily Drivel is as much as I can stand. And so yesterday, as usual, I turned the radio off.


Today, as usual, I will not be reading a single word of the inane garbage spouted by the Ginger headed tosspot.

Edited by Tommy Docherty
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I once asked him on twitter if he was happy being known as a joke figure who was a wind up Muppet out for clicks. Compared to the people he used to have a show with like honegstein, marcotti etc who were all now universally praised for there football knowledge. Unsurprisingly he never replied. The c**t.

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How the hell this idiot Adrian Durham is allowed to publish articles is beyond me. I can't say I'm surprised it's Daily Mail. In the past two days they have had 5 articles rooting Liverpool to win the league including why Gerrard is the best premier league player EVER. Morons.


Anyway, I hope this knob Googles himself to see what people really think of him. Adrian Durham is and will always be a low-life scum.


Christ can't wait until we break those scouse hearts and stop all this media love in.

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You're better off reading the comments at the bottom:




Ah yes Sir Steven Gerrard the angel - who has never cheated dived or tried to get another professional in trouble! who never put in two footed challenges and it is the most innocent of players to ever have walked onto a football pitch! Come on - the guy has been a great player, and a great servant to Liverpool but please don't make out that he is whiter than white!




If Liverpool win it the way this is all going there will be a national Liverpool sympathy day and a Saint Gerrards day for how much he deserves it. There will be a pound coin with his face on it made for this occasion.




What complete nonsense!! Gerard is a captain leader and legend to Liverpool supporters as is John Terry to Chelsea!! The only reason Gerard is still leading Liverpool at this time is because he's played half the matches JT has - JT no matter what will give everything for Chelsea - Ive seen him kicked to the ground in absolute agony and he still gets up! I know who I would chose and its certainly not Gerard!!




I'd just like to know why all the Pro-Liverpool stories across the board in the last few weeks. Headlines such as 'Why everyone wants Liverpool to win the title' aren't exactly true are they! And don't get me started on the amount of ex Liverpool football pundits creeping onto every sports show!




Anyone else bored of the Steven Gerrard media love-fest?
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