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Joe Cole


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Joe Cole is still hoping to play a part in Chelsea's trophy hunt this season, after fears he would sit out the rest of the campaign.

England World Cup midfielder Cole, 25, has been sidelined since November following surgery on a stress fracture of the foot.

Cole told Icons.com: "If my recovery goes to plan I'll play this season.

"If Chelsea go all the way in most competitions I expect to play a significant part."

Cole is also eyeing a return to international action in June when England travel to Estonia.

The Chelsea midfielder added: "Since I took off my protective boot last week, everything is going according to plan.

"I'm walking freely and I feel good. The physiotherapists have got me walking and jogging in a swimming pool at the moment, but I hope to start doing that outside within the next few weeks.

"I can't afford to rush things, recovering from this injury is notorious, but I intend to follow my plan to the letter.

"The England matches at the end of the season are also a possibility if all goes well.

"I'd love to be involved in a game at Wembley and in the Estonia match in June. I'm looking forward to being back in time for those games."

http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/footbal ... 382931.stm

Let's hope he's right. 128.gif

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It would be a great boost , if we were still competing heavily on all fronts, for him to come back and bolster the squad...but at who's expense?

It's not really that tricky. A certain German...................?

I can't wait for Joe Cole to come back, just to see Ballack pining on the bench.

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I'm not so sure now. Mourinho played Ballack at the beginning of the season as he probably felt that Ballack needed to come to terms with the premiership and settle in. By now he can see that he still hasn't settled in and perhaps isn't the player we hoped he'd be, but has had to play him of late due to injuries.

Mourinho is no mug and he'll have seen that against that young Arsenal side, there were times when our midfield couldn't cope - we were totally outplayed. It wasn't until we brought Robben on that we put them on the back foot more. There is no doubt that with Cole & Robben both in the same line up along with a fit Lamps and Essien, we'll look a totally different side again.

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This reminds me of pre-season when nearly everyone assumed Joe would be an automatic starter, which wasn't the case at all. Now, as soon as he's fit, he's a shoo-in again.

I don't see how anything has changed, except Mourinho pretending that he would be playing Joe if he was fit.

Our game plan is strangulation, which we achieve with our death of football midfield, and not one containing Joe and Robben.

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I hope he can be back even sooner so that he can get a few minutes against Watford before the game against Valencia. I doubt JM would put Cole on against Valencia (well, perhaps late in the game) if Joe hasn't played after his injury.

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From JT's matchday programme for Spurs:

"...Joe Cole is a little boy. Having asked the doc every day for the last three months: 'Am I nearly there?' with his recovery, he has now started running, and what does he immediately do?

When he walks around the corridors inside at the training ground, he walks with a ball at his feet, doing little tricks all the time. Everywhere he goes he's dribbling at the same time. He's looking happy again and he deserves to..."


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