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Top 3 Strikers you feared

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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As a Chelsea fan there there are three who stick in my mind as strikers I actually feared.


1) Thierry Henry

2) Michael Owen

3) Carlos Tevez


I hated his guts because he played for Arsenal and was such a deadly striker.

He was literally terrifying. I guess Arsenal fans feel the same way about Drogba.

With Owen at Liverpool, he was frightening too. Anywhere near the box or inside it, you expected the worst. Lastly, Tevez - just has the taste for scoring agaist Chelsea.

A little like Hernandez, except Hernandez is just irritating.





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You're right, Torres in liverpool shirt was frightening.

(Some might say, not as frightening as Torres in a Chelsea shirt - for slightly different reasons of course.)

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For me:


1) Thiery Henry

2) Ronaldinho*

3) Fernando Torres


Tevez comes a close fourth.


*He didn't play many games against Chelsea, but you have to fear a guy capable of this:


Can't put Messi on the list since he can't score ;)

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Andy Cole

Ian Wright (feared him but also loved seeing him play)

Special mention for Robert Fleck before we signed him. Never the greatest but he seemed to alway cause us problems even if he didn't score, I remember telling my dad that we would win the league if he played for us!!!

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Although I never really feared Kanu I remember the horror of the Arsenal comeback, it was p*ssing down with rain, Saturday afternoon, we were winning...I popped up the shops to buy some celebratory goodies and extra wine...by the time I got back My Husband had his head in his hands...I thought he was winding me up...But no a Kanu hat-trick...We laugh about it now, honestly !


Oh and to answer the original question, Henry, Henry, Henry

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Henry didn't really do much against us I was always more worried about Arsenal as a team cause we couldn't beat them, although I'll never forget how ecstatic I was when we beat them in the League Cup back in 98, they even played a football team. It was before Wenger liked to play the kids in that cup.

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Thierry Henry is the only striker I would say I 'feared'


obviously we play against great strikers all the time but he was the one who always seemed to walk on water when he played against us.


Its funny how players like Messi and Suarez never seem to turn it on against us - jinxed or are they flat track bullies?

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Honourable mention to Falcao (who I didn't pick as it was only one game). I was cautious about this guy leading up to the super cup, and we all know what happened. Absolute world-class player.


Falcao must be kicking himself having left Atletico Madrid for Monaco but hindsight (and money) is a beautiful thing

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