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Todays match programme v Norwich

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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This is what Mourinho said:



We are two matches from the end of the season and this is the last one at home. Thanks a lot for your support and I will see you in August for the start of a new season, where certainly we will be stronger and ready to pull on the blue shirt again; to play from the first day to the last day, giving everything we have for our club.

We worked hard, we built dreams, we made people believe, we created expectations, we had fantastic, unforgettable moments and matches, we had good opponents, we had some great referees, we had important injuries at crucial moments, we had suspensions and we had balls that hit the post without the desire to go in.

In the end, we can say we had football - emotion, happiness, frustration, human feelings, blue feelings. In my case, I felt pride to be Chelsea and to work for Chelsea; in your case, I believe you felt pride to be Chelsea and to support this wonderful club.

We are fighting until the last moment in the Premier League, we represented English football until the last second in a Champions League semi-final. I think we took an important step in a season that can be seen as the start of a new period for us, where the younger members of the squad got a feeling of the Champions League at the top level and what it is to play Premier League football. Next season is a new season, but the feelings will be deja vu for them.

You know our boss isn't just the owner, but much more than that. He loves the club. You know that he will try to give us all the conditions to build for the future and, if you think about the happy moments over the last decade, you have to believe in the next 10 years... like I do.

I know this space is to communicate with you fans, but one of you is my son. I want to tell him thanks for being with me every second of every match, a few metres behind me, jumping for every goal; hurt by every difficult moment. Thank you, kid, for being my kid. Every time I look at you, I see you, but I also see your sister and your mum, both at home but also playing with us, both waiting for us to go home and to be what we are - an amazing family... like the blue family, supporting each other.

That is why, for me, the moment of the season at the Bridge wasn't the explosion after Fernando Torres's goal against City or Demba Ba's goal against PSG or after Mohamed Salah's goal to write history with the 6-0 win against Arsenal. For me, the moments of the season were the last minutes of the game on Wednesday, when a sad stadium had the passion and the respect to sing with pride and support its team in the saddest moment.

Thanks a lot for your support during the season. Enjoy this last game and see you in August.

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