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Didier Drogba Returns!

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People thinking that Drogba will get more time than Lukaku or even Lukaku leaving because of the arrival of Drogba are just insane. Drogba is not what he used to be. I don't see him being very effective at all. And if it is the case that he is used before Lukaku, it would be one of the worst mistakes a manager could make, using an aging player based off of history over a very promising youth players that could develop into one of the best strikers in the league st some point.

My view is that Drogba is here for Lukaku. To help him, guide him. He won't play much.

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Get the feeling that Torres is going and we're going into the season with Costa / Drogba / Lukaku.


Drogba probably understands that he is the third fiddle in this setup but he'll be a great mentor to Lukaku to get him on the right track.

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Still got mixed feeling about this deal. Sometimes I think of all the good times he has given us but doubt if he can replicate those days.

I can see him being brought on towards the end of games when we are maybe struggling to hold on to a lead. Drogba is definitely a good outlet for our defence as his strength and holdup play are excellent. Also very useful in defending corners.

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Apparently on hearing this news Wenger instructed the Arsenal kit man to order in a job lot of extra large underpants for his back four. The ones with elasticated stitching to stop the cack from dribbling down their legs.

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I hope that he has been brought back to make the tea and perhaps the odd appearance against non league teams in the FA Cup or something.  I want to remember him as he was in all his glory, not what he may become.  He is 36 although physically strong this is the EPL not some Turkish half arse league and I fear he may struggle for the most part with his sharpness being a memory.  He left once in all his glory, he should have stayed away and only returned as a non player.  I hope that I am not saddened to often this season by one of our great legends.. :oldboy:

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If Lukaku goes because of this move it's would be an absolute slap in the face to all chelsea youth.

I wouldn't be able to support a move like that. Send a kid out for two very successful years on loan in the PL and he gets replaced by an aged star based on history. Drogba is a legend but he will not be as productive as lukaku will be this year and 10 years going forward.

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