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Wayne Bridge retirement

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Im not sure whether this has been mentioned on any part of the Shed (if it has I apologise for not being able to find it) Wayne Bridge has today announced his retirement from football because of a knee injury


I know there was controversy with Bridge/JT and the England situation but I for one would like to wish Wayne all the best for the future and thanks for 6 good years at the Bridge (and the memorable goal v Arsenal at Highbury)

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Gave me one of my greatest Chelsea moments with that goal v Arsenal, the scenes of unbridled joy that goal brought have only been surpassed in Munich. Shame about the sh*t that followed with JT, not sure we will ever know the whole truth.

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You cant hold it against Bridge for how he acted with JT. With the whole world onlooking, what was he supposed to do, pretend nothing happened? He would have looked a bigger mug. The Team Bridge Tees were awful but it was obviously a City players idea, not his.

Many other a man would have handled it far worse and I am sure he wanted nothing more than to clean his clock on the pitch.

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Good professional and a top left-back on his day, to the extent that most of us were actually quite pissed off when we signed Ashley Cole. Obviously there was only ever going to be one winner in a battle for our loyalties between Bridge and JT, but it's worth remembering that he was a part of the Premier League's best ever defence (although a title shared with Gallas I suppose) and an excellent club servant while he was here. By all accounts he even seems to have done a good job for Reading and Brighton, although I remember his comedy spell at West Ham with some fondness. I think we even shipped him off to City for a profit!

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That vimeo video is one of my favourite ever Chelsea videos. I actually saved it to my harddrive when it was on YouTube, and still have it. Glad it's still available to watch online.

I was on ski trip in France and watched the game in a French bar. Incredible evening. I took this picture of my brother, his son and my son on the way back from the bar. Can't remember which of us did the writing!


We did ski trips at Easter every year for 20-odd years, and our Chelsea record while in the mountains was bloody good. That was obviously the highlight, but other memorable games were:


4-1 v West Ham (Maniche red card)

3-1 at Anfield in the CL 1st leg (Ivanovic 2!)

2-1 at home to Arse (2 late goals from Drogs)

2-1 at OT (offside Drogba goal to nearly clinch the title)

1-0 v Barca CL SF 1st leg (Drogba!)


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