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Carling Cup Final - Build Up & Match Thread

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Because another thread on this subject was clearly needed.. icon_wink.gif Well its a cup final, thought it needed something more official icon_razz.gif

The (hopefully) last cup final being played at Cardiff, and, as it has been said already elsewhere - we can't really win this game. However, if we don't win with the trophy in our hands then thats fine by me.

I'd like to see Robben on the field, but I'm sure the midfield diamond of Maka, Lamps, Essien and Ballack will appear.

Thoughts? Predictions?

Come on the Chels!


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I'm upset because the game will not be shown in the States, and also because ManU won a game they had no business winning.

But, I expect us to do well today.

Phillip, it's on live on Setanta USA. But that probably does you no good if your don't have a Dish.

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I'm still excited even though some might say its not that important to me its still a good competition.

its being a bit soured for me as usual by the media with all the "Cash against the Kids" rubbish on Sky and the papers I would dearly love us to win this one convincingly.

I do have respect for Arsenal, they play good football, have some great youngsters and Wenger is a shrewd and knowledgable manager but what comes out of his Kids playing in this competition is double edged really as although its comendable for him to stick with the team thats done so well in the Competition so far, he is in fact while blooding them for the big time still resting players for the other competitions they are in, ie 3rd spot in the league, FA Cup, and CL.

chelsea are going for all 4 with a depleated squad and with the fans every game seeing the best team we can put out with the players availlable, also comendable from Jose I would say.

still the only credit that can come out of this apart from to us fans will go to Wenger, as I say deserved credit but. far too one sided for my liking.

Come on Chelsea today, do it our way cheer.gif

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Just announced on SSN

In other words our strongest team possible (except perhaps Robben).

So it will be our first team against Arsenals youngsters and reserves. Sounds like we should win. If we lose we won't hear the end of it.

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Lot of delays on the major transport routes to Cardiff - trains and motorways causing a lot of problems. Wouldn't be surprised if the KO is pushed back.

I was just about to post this - 90 minute delays for fans travelling by train due to signalling problems between Newport and Cardiff icon_rolleyes.gif ....come back British Rail, all is forgiven

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predictably the start of sky's coverage is all on arsenal...had to laugh though in their buildup montage when they had the dance cover of Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall' and as they showed wenger's face it had the lyric: 'Hey teacher, leave them kids alone.'

Perhaps not the best timing considering all the rumours icon_wink.gif

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...they had the dance cover of Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall' and as they showed wenger's face it had the lyric: 'Hey teacher, leave them kids alone.'

I reckon it wasn't a coincidnce that the editor chose to put those words in the song and pic of Wenger together. icon_wink.gif

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Well its 2:45 and still no news if the game has been delayed yet. Reading some of the comments on the BBC webpage, maybe its best if it was put back half an hour or so icon_confused.gif then again, with no real idea how long the delays will last, will that be enough?


1444: "Stuck on train in Newport. Someone has started throwing empty sandwich packets about. This could escalate very soon. Sort it out and get us moving someone!"

Via text.

1440: "It seems a nonsense that two London based teams have to travel all the way to Cardiff to play in a special stadium for a cup final. Especially given the traffic chaos that seems to be ensuing."

Colonelwlv on 606

1437: "Stuck on train outside Cardiff. Severely delayed. ?54 for train, ?74 for ticket. Please don't kick off at 3."

Via text.

1435: "Now becoming an anxious situation. Stuck near Newport with hundreds of frustated fans threatening to become menacing if they don't resolve matter and delay kick-off ."

Via text.

The latest situation as we understand it here is that South Wales Police are not requesting the kick-off be delayed - they are confident they can get everyone into the ground on time. We were told there was a meeting taking place at the stadium to discuss this, but we have heard nothing more on this. So the latest is that the kick-off is still 1500 GMT.

1422: Our train driver just told us he's been told officials are considering putting the kick-off back - watch this space. Please please please...

Via text.

1419: This is proof (if it was needed) that the British transport system is a complete joke! Is it any wonder people refuse to get out of their cars?

Via text.

1417: The game must be delayed. My best friend's husband and her six-year-old son stuck on a train near Cardiff. They left Chelmsford at 8am. Hold that whistle please.

Via text.

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