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World Cup Slogans

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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From the FIFA website. Each country has voted for a slogan. Some interesting slogans. I like the Japanese reference to the Samurai. Have visions of Japanese fans wielding samurai swords around Brazil. Apparently impossible is not a word in France.




Algeria - Desert Warriors In Brazil

Argentina - Not Just A Team, We Are A Country

Australia - Socceroos: Hopping Our Way Into History!

Belgium - Expect The Impossible!

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Dragons In Heart, Dragons On The Field!

Brazil - Brace Yourselves! The Sixth Is Coming!

Cameroon - A Lion Remains A Lion

Chile - Chi Chi Chi!, Le Le Le! Go Chile!

Colombia - Here Travels A Nation, Not Just A Team!

Costa Rica - My Passion Is Football, My Strength Is My People, My Pride Is Costa Rica

Ivory Coast - Elephants Charging Towards Brazil!

Croatia - With Fire In Our Hearts, For Croatia All As One!

Ecuador - One Commitment, One Passion, Only One Heart, This Is For You Ecuador!

England - The Dream Of One Team, The Heartbeat Of Millions!!

France - Impossible Is Not A French Word

Germany - One Nation, One Team, One Dream!

Ghana - Black Stars: Here To Illuminate Brazil

Greece -Heroes Play Like Greeks

Honduras - We Are One Country, One Nation, Five Stars On The Heart

Iran - Honour Of Persia

Italy - Let's Paint The FIFA World Cup Dream Blue

Japan - Samurai, The Time Has Come To Fight!

South Korea - Enjoy It, Reds!

Mexico - Always United, Always Aztecas

Holland - Real Men Wear Orange

Nigeria - Only Together We Can Win

Portugal - The Past Is History, The Future Is Victory

Russia - No One Can Catch Us

Spain - Inside Our Hearts, The Passion Of A Champion

Switzerland - Final Stop: 07-13-14 Maracana!

Uruguay - Three Million Dreams ... Let's Go Uruguay

U.S. - United By Team, Driven By Passion
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Russia's should be: "we will annex you" lol


the Holland one (gee, I am never sure when it´s Holland and when it´s Netherlands) is a bit sexist... not that I mind, but in our current PC society, some people will be angry about they defining what "a real man" is supposed to be.


Italy one seems the weakest to me.


Greece should be: This is GREECE!


Honduras reference to 5 stars... what five stars? Have they ever won anything?


Ivory Coast... has Ronaldo (the Phenomenon) naturalized Ivorian?


Bosnia: the favorite team of the Targaryens


Cameroon: the favorite team of the Lannisters.


Brazil: hmmm... too much confidence in the title... reminds me (nightmares) of 1950, when a Rio newspaper proclaimed the team champion in the morning BEFORE the match against Uruguay...

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Does this count as a slogan?


"Dressed in red, white and blue, World Cup Willie

We all love him too, World Cup Willie".





Ah the memories... way back when I really cared about the World Cup.

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