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Jose digs at rivals


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OUR Jose is back and turning up the heat for the run-in:

''But I wouldn't be sad if a club gives me three, four, five years and tells me, 'You don't need to win. You can lose Premiership after Premiership, and you have three, four, five seasons to build'. I wouldn't be sad.

"Since I arrived, they have won nothing. Since we are at Chelsea, they lost Premierships, they lost the Charity Shield to us, they lost the Carling Cup to us. I don't think they are winning a lot.

"Absolutely brilliant young boys, manager top, team with a great future. But they didn't win."

http://home.skysports.com/list.aspx?hli ... ses+rivals

JM= icon_cool.gif

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Stop it! I was just about to post that icon_sad.gif

Anyway. That article almost made me puke. Such rubbish!

The Sun really is a steaming pile of turd.gif

But I really enjoyed reading it since it was so contradictive (is that the right word?).

Can anybody explain this for me?

And even the emergence of Wenger?s young guns has failed to impress Mourinho.

"They are absolutely brilliant young boys" - JM 300.gif

The Chelsea boss could not resist a swipe at bitter rival Wenger

?a top manager" - JM icon_eek.gif

Is the youngsters bad or not? Does he hate or love Wenger?

Questions, questions.

Finally I really liked this quote:

?This is one more cup for Chelsea and I am glad it?s in our pocket. Now it?s Premiership, Premiership, Carling Cup, Carling Cup and Community Shield.

Next time I will have to use two hands!?


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I think Jose would remember that Arsenal won the FA Cup 2004/5 as we beat them in the Charity Shield dont you?

the press love to make out everything Jose says is an insult,

last week it was the thing about Wenger never having won the CL now this,

why do they need to keep stirring things up between these two in particular, my guess is that as Arsenal are a bit of a favourite with impartial football fans it just turns more of them against Chelsea, cant think of any other reason.

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