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dont believe the hype

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I did hear Arsenal fans leaving the stadium questioning why Gallas wasn't included in the team. I understand AW wanted to play 'the kids' but in doing so I think he disrespected every Arsenal fan who made the long, frustrating and expensive daytrip to Cardiff.

I would be well pissed if I was one of those Arsenal fans who made the journey, they've seen Senderos try and cope with Drogba before and know he has a hard time doing it.

It's one thing sticking with the kids, but doing it in spite of losing a final is a major mistake on their managers part and an insult to the Arsenal supporters!

As Hansen once said 'you don't win anything with kids'

He sent men to do a boys job and they couldn't do it.

The thing that may wash over the heads of SKY pundits and the media is that although the average side of 'little le Arse' was 21 we had some 'kids' of our own playing!!!!

Diarra is only 20 years of age, and MOTM from some quarters , Mikel is 19 and Kalou is only 20. Essien has a good season under his belt already, Robben has been here a couple of years but we seem to forget they are still only 22 years young!!!

So 3 players who appeared for Chelsea were under the average age of the Arsenal team, and Essien and Robben were over by 1 year.

We have some promising youngsters on loan at lower league clubs who are learning their trade by playing professional competetive games and exceeding expectations, just ask QPR and Plymouth fans!

It's all well and good having a squad full of youngsters but you only have 11 first team starting places. As Upson, Bentley, Pennant and Sidwell will admit, who have all carved out premiership careers, not everyone breaks into the Arsenal 1st team when they think they're good enough.

So what really is the point in developing the career of a f*ckwit like Fabregas when in 3 years he will be sold off to Barcalona when the next repyment for Cash-burden Grove lands on the chairmans desk?

As Jose and his young lions will confirm, if your good enough, your old enough. But they didn't get picked just because of their age, they were picked on their ability to do a job for the team. Something Arsen should learn from, and something the Arsenal fans who made the +8hours round trip should take into account!

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