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New laptop- recommendations

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My trusty Dell is on its last legs, so I'm in the market for a new one. Like most laptops, eventually it stopped working if it wasn't plugged in- or rather, it would only work for 5 minutes without being connected to the mains before switching off. And now just this morning I rolled out of bed and knocked it on to the floor- it landed on where the power cable goes into the laptop. Now it doesn't work at all if it's not plugged in.


Anyway, I am looking for something no more expensive than £400, I would like an i5 processor too. I don't like Windows 8 (my current laptop runs on 7, I've had it 4 years) but it doesn't look like I have a choice. Can anyone recommend a decent one? Not sure what brand to go with either; my last two laptops have been Dell but I'm thinking of going with a different brand this time. 



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What about a second hand MacBook?

I had a dell years ago it gave up the ghost much like yours has. I didnt want to buy a brand new one at the time and switched to a Macbook, got it very cheap. Its actually similar spec to my Dell laptop and its running brilliantly still.

If you are going for a windows laptop you are pretty much getting windows 8 with it. I much prefer 7 though.

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I would never buy a second-hand computer (I'm weird that way). When it comes to electronics - apart from games- I always buy them new. To that end, I am not willing to shell out £2,000 on a new MacBook!


I'll just have to suck it up and get a Windows laptop with 8 I suppose.

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My father law who is a bit of a computer geek bought my most recent laptop for us.


It's an ACER which was around £350-400 I think.


No idea on the specs but I can browse the The Shed End, stream live sports and download movies on it just fine... Not too hot as a gaming laptop though I don't think.


I would tell you the specs but I don't know them... I know it's got and on and off switch which is about it. 


Glad I could help. 

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You Irish are a resourceful lot, aren't you? I can't be bothered to mess about with stripping out hard drives, ram updating etc. I just want a new one that I can get going with straight away.

Ha, maybe, both were incredibly simple to do... take ofd the battery cover on the underside, pop two clips, insert chips.

The hard drive was even easier, its in the same area just next to it and you just pull it out and push the other one in.

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Hey guys,


This is probably an impossible mission but can anyone recommend me a laptop (around £150) which would allow me to use the web and certain applications like Microsoft Word, watch movies etc


Would like it new but a trusty second hand seller would be fine


Don't want a chromebook btw

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