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In life you reap what you sow - don't you Gooners!


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Take note Gooner fans!

Bad mouth the messiah (JT....JC so little between them) and the angel Benedict will be vengeful.

FA Cup Blackburn 1 Arsenal 0

Sparky to Cesc - Yes I did used to play for Barca, if you had stayed there you too could have won some silverware



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Arsenal has been out of the title race in the league for awhile now.

Imagine if they could crash out of all competitions in less than 2 weeks?

Sunday - Lost the Carling Cup final against Chelsea

Wednesday - Out of the FA Cup against Blackburn

Wednesday (a week later) - Out of the Champions League against PSV


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Arsene keeps whinging

http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/chec ... m=1&nbwm=1

"I feel we were really unlucky to lose Adebayor. Especially under the circumstances we lost him," Wenger told Sky Sports News.

"I don't agree at all with the match report, with what the linesman said. It's a complete lie what is said in the match report and we cannot accept that.

"The linesman said that Adebayor punched Lampard. I would like to ask Lampard if he was punched by Adebayor.

"I feel the whole decision from the FA is wrong. There's a lot of things in there that are not true.

"I don't want to prove anything. I'm just giving my opinion. There are players that have punched that haven't been charged."

Adebayor has meanwhile requested a personal hearing over his case, which is set to take place on Tuesday. Emmanuel Eboue has also denied a charge of violent conduct against Wayne Bridge and his case will be heard on Thursday.

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Take note Gooner fans!

Bad mouth the messiah (JT....JC so little between them) and the angel Benedict will be vengeful.

FA Cup Blackburn 1 Arsenal 0

Sparky to Cesc - Yes I did used to play for Barca, if you had stayed there you too could have won some silverware



Thats another ?3 I owe you Loz + Ill add another ?3 if they go out of the CL 128.gif

Arsenal remind me of the Red Arrows - all show, but crap in a scrap

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That tw*t Lawrenson said on Football Focus last Saturday, after the presenter mentioned Chelsea being in 4 competitions: "You could argue that Arsenal is in 4 competitions too" icon_rolleyes.gif Well, not much longer you can't 247.gif

Val, I was just about to post on this exact thing. At the time I thought he was stretching things to say they were in 4 competitions. By wednesday next week it could and should be none!

Oh how I will laugh! icon_lol.gif

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"I don't agree at all with the match report, with what the linesman said. It's a complete lie what is said in the match report and we cannot accept that.

Will Arsen be labelled the enemy of football for calling this official a liar?

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SKY news....'he has been asked by the FA to explain his comments''

He called the linesman a liar for f**k sake! What else is there to explain??

Just haul him in, charge him and fine him like you would have done if it was Jose!!!

With all the fines the FA are likely to issue they'll probably get more money out of this than the eventual winners icon_rolleyes.gif

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I simply can't believe what I have seen on that Ars' site, banter and slagging off opponents is one thing, but to seriously wish someone to die on a football pitch because they play for the opposition is beyond the realms of anything to do with football.

I genuinely hope that none of those tossers who posted such sickening vile messages ever experience having a loved one put in a situation where, because of a game of football their life is put on the line and hanging by a thread, the mentality of these pond life creatures is totally unbelievable and their comments totally unacceptable, has the mod' on that site have no moral values whatsoever? this kind of stuff should be erased and the posters banned, I would hate to see this kind of sh*te on this forum and would never expect Chelsea fans to publicly express such poison about an injured opponent on a forum like this.

On a lighter note, 2k (the Blackburn fan on here) phoned the pub from Barcelona last night to take the piss out of the gooners we had in for the game, it was quality to see them squirm out of a cup competition for the 2nd time in 4 days, oh' joy unbeholden!!!!!!!!!!

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On a lighter note, 2k (the Blackburn fan on here) phoned the pub from Barcelona last night to take the piss out of the gooners we had in for the game, it was quality to see them squirm out of a cup competition for the 2nd time in 4 days, oh' joy unbeholden!!!!!!!!!!


Top fella! Remind us to give him a round of applause on his return!

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After all this good news.

This is gonna be one weird week.

First goARGGGHHH&%$&%#&$LIVERPOOL&%/&$#%$ pUKe.gif

Just wish Liverpoool wins, 3 players of each team get expelled, Ronaldo, Vidic, Van Der Sar and Scholes get 2 months injuries. Gerrard acidentaly lands on Rafa "Paella" Benitez, injuring himself for 3 months and forcing Rafa to go on a Borscht diet.

Then go feederPSV ! Arsenal fighting for a CL place.

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I dont much like Cascarino and dont agree with all of what he says here but its worth a read and some of it rings true, as with all managers decisions though there are two ways of looking at things, anyway heres Tony's way,

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/ ... 459129.ece

March 02, 2007

Friend and foe alike kept in cold by Wenger

Tony Cascarino: Analysis

Ars?ne Wenger is better at starting arguments than at winning trophies these days. Then again, why does he need silverware, he?s already got a huge shield ? the one he uses to deflect away the reality of Arsenal?s own shortcomings.

You could accuse the assistant referee of being wrong to tell the referee to send off Emmanuel Adebayor in the Carling Cup final, but not of being a liar. That?s accusing him of dishonesty, effectively of cheating. It?s not the linesman who has an agenda, but the Arsenal manager himself. Something goes wrong? It?s somebody else?s fault. Wenger produces more sour grapes than a dodgy vineyard.

Funny how he courts controversy after defeats, but appears far more mellow when all is well. Wenger seems incapable of admitting that Manchester United and Chelsea are superb sides. Apparently the league table is not enough evidence for him.

He?s always been like that, back when he was the coach of AS Monaco and Marseilles were the dominant force in French football. Wenger kept sniping at Marseilles, saying that their success was down to underhand methods. He certainly had a point, but the fact was that Marseilles had a great team, no matter how shady the chairman at the time, Bernard Tapie, was. Tapie used to refer to Wenger as a ?nearly man?.

The danger for Arsenal now is that they become a ?nearly team?. The Champions League is the only competition they still have a chance of winning. Is that the fault of the assistant referee in Cardiff, or is it Wenger?s, for his team selection both at the Millennium Stadium and at Ewood Park on Wednesday?

The assistant referee?s a liar. Deflection. Away from his own huge blunder in selecting Philippe Senderos to face Chelsea, despite repeated evidence that Senderos cannot handle Didier Drogba. Watch the video and see how Drogba keeps drifting away from Kolo Tour? and towards Senderos, because the striker knows he?s too good for him.

Yes, we can all talk of how promising Arsenal?s kids are, but by not choosing his strongest side in the past two games, Wenger reduced the chances of victory. Was that a smart trade-off for 90 minutes? work experience for his teenagers? Wenger is incredibly secure in his job, deservedly, but that brings its own risks. Was picking the kids really in the best interests of the club and fans, or was it a personal indulgence? Does he start with J?r?mie Aliadi?re if his job depends on winning the game? Of course not.

If Arsenal don?t beat an inferior team such as Blackburn Rovers, it?s usually the opposition?s fault for playing dull, stifling tactics. Deflection. They outwitted his team but Wenger gives them no credit; quite the reverse.

To praise others would be to start to build a relationship and Wenger doesn?t seem to do friendship. He distances himself from everybody.

Perhaps Wenger feels that a certain coldness is necessary to preserve his ruthless streak. The result is that he has an air of mystery, of complexity, even to his players. I was told a story that rings true, whether it is or not. When in charge of Wycombe Wanderers, Tony Adams supposedly tried to contact Wenger to ask if he could take a couple of young players on loan. Yet despite being an Arsenal legend, Adams was unable to get hold of Wenger and was forced to talk to his underlings.

Distance, deflection, no matter who you are. Wenger is easy to admire but hard to love and it?s a shame because he is one of the finest managers to work in this country.

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http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/a ... ge_id=1779

Wenger's persecution complex takes over if you upset Arsenal


Last updated at 23:52pm on 1st March 2007

Nowhere in Arsene Wenger's internal software is there a programme to help him cope with defeat. It was never installed in the vast mental computer that enabled him to find half his back-four in African villages, pinch arguably the game's best young player in Cesc Fabregas from the Barcelona academy and transform the likes of Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira from good to great.

About the only unappealing aspect of Wenger's decade in English football is the persecution complex that invades his character when his mission to cover the game in beauty is upset by an opponent or an official.

Given this congenital inability to lose gracefully, there were sound reasons for his tirade at Blackburn on Wednesday night.

If Arsenal lose to Reading at home in the Premiership on Saturday, they will have been beaten in four consecutive games in four separate competitions. No wonder Gilberto, the club's World Cup winning Brazilian, announced on Thursday: "Now we have a few days to save our season."

Wenger's artistic project is delicate. It lacks the relentless power of Chelsea and the inbuilt spirit and know-how of Manchester United.

It requires young men who have been taught the "Arsenal way" on the lush fields of London Colney to step into the boots of more experienced colleagues and come home with Carling Cups and FA Cup-replay wins from such forbidding outposts as Blackburn Rovers.

It treads the line between radiance and reality. And when three teams come along in eight days to tell Wenger their role is not to submit to his captivating vision, you can hear the Frenchman's gaskets blow.

In his nature, there is an Alsace and a Lorraine. An intellectual who reads biographies of Julius Caesar to relax, and a warrior, hothead and scourge of authority.

His touchline feud with Alan Pardew at West Ham earlier this season prompted us to question Tony Adams' old claim that Wenger is a man who "hates confrontation".

That observation was made in the days before Arsenal were fighting on two major fronts. In Adams' day, it was a duel between the Gunners and United. Now, Wenger is stalked by a London rival wealthier, more combative and more successful: a team who embody Jose Mourinho's dig at Wenger on Sunday - "football is about winning".

Mrs Wenger could probably tell us how foul her husband's mood has been since Arsenal's young guns lost both the Carling Cup and their heads.

Mourinho's approach is less entertaining but more effective. In the midfield battle between Denilson and Frank Lampard and Michael Essien, youth was sent to the back of the class.

When Arsenal's greatest manager called a linesman in that match a "liar" and railed against the supposed leniency of the FA towards Mourinho's men, we were no further on from the day Sir Bobby Robson observed that "Arsene needs to learn how to lose".

To the outsider, the most astonishing aspect of his fury is its capacity to detach him from reason and logic. Not even the most cock-eyed Arsenal fan would deny that Kolo Toure sparked the brawl with his hysterical reaction to an annoying challenge from John Obi Mikel, or that Emmanuel Adebayor deserved both his red card and an FA charge, for barging Ricardo Carvalho, throwing a punch at Frank Lampard and then having to be dragged off the pitch by the Arsenal physio.

Wenger's defence is that Adebayor did not punch Lampard. Therefore, he claims, the linesman lied. In fact, the FA say, the report states that Adebayor tried and failed to strike Lampard and was dismissed for his generally aggressive behaviour. No neutral witness at the Snarling Cup could dispute the decision to send off Adebayor or the subsequent FA charge.

The Arsenal eruption was a blast from the past. It evoked those red-mist days when the bath was always running for Wenger's most belligerent stars.

Mostly, it said that Wenger's superb shadow side of undergraduates are in danger of mistaking histrionics for strength. Standing up for yourself is one thing, falling into traps is quite another, as Wayne Rooney found out at the World Cup.

Equanimity in the face of disappointment is absent from Wenger's make-up, so it was hardly surprising to see Toure, Adebayor, Fabregas and Eboue follow his lead. The dream of the kindergarten cup team was evaporating, and so Mikel's provocation would not be allowed to pass unchallenged.

Just about everyone who understands the game admires Wenger for the work he has done on behalf of self-expression.

When football's technical history is written, he will be remembered as one of the few thinkers who caused the game to make an evolutionary leap.

But observe the darker side of his character when you rip the Carling and FA Cups from his grasp, contain him in fourth place in the Premiership and confront him with a 1-0 first-leg deficit in the Champions League. Then, rage takes over from art.


AUGUST 19, 2000

Fined ?10,000 by the FA after accusations he pushed fourth official Paul Taylor following a 1-0 opening-day defeat at Sunderland. Wenger claimed he was trying to separate Thierry Henry and Darren Williams when Taylor intervened.


OCTOBER 24, 2004

Fined ?15,000 after calling Manchester United striker Ruud van Nistelrooy a cheat following a contentious penalty in Arsenal?s 2-0 defeat at Old Trafford. Wenger said: "We all know him, he can only cheat people who don?t know him."


APRIL 22, 2006

Hit out at Spurs for not putting the ball out after Emmanuel Eboue and Gilberto Silva were left lying injured. Spurs claimed they didn?t see the injured players but Wenger said: "I can't believe they didn't see it. Of course they lie."


NOVEMBER 5, 2006

Wenger and then-West Ham boss Alan Pardew had to be pulled apart after the Hammers? late winner at Upton Park. Both were charged with improper conduct and Wenger, who took two weeks to apologise, was fined ?15,000.

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Why not start handing out fines that really hurts?

I don't know how much Wenger earns every week or month but I bet it is alot more than ?15.000.

If it's a first offence then ?15.000 might be enough but if the manager does it again and again then raise it. Imagine a manager being fined like ?100.000. Now that hurts icon_wink.gif

It's like when teams has fans who misbehave (throw stuff or yelling racist remarks). They get fined like ?20-25.000. Perhaps ?50.000 if it's something serious. For a big team that is not that much money.

Imagine us getting a fine like that. icon_rolleyes.gif

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I'm sure I'm not the only one enjoying this change in positions, a week ago Arsenal were the media darlings and we were the enemies of the beautiful game (beauty vs the beast, youngsters vs pensioners blah blah)

Now it's there turn to have the heat turned up. And it's all their own doing. So this is for Arsenal


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