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Mourinho ready to bring on the boys

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Taken from football365.com.


Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is ready to give youth a chance at Stamford Bridge.


And he insists striker Ben Sahar will become a first-team player next season, with others not far behind him.

"We have some young boys with quality and we believe maybe they can do it in the future.

"I can watch reserve level and see a right-back with good potential and see a central defender who is improving a lot. But they are not yet ready.

"As the first-team man, I am waiting for the final product to be delivered to me and after that I can make that product ready for Premiership level.

"I am satisfied with the progress being made because it was very, very bad. At this moment, we have very good coaches.

"But to build from the beginning and bring young players at the level Chelsea demands is not easy.

"Next season Ben Sahar is ready to come up and be part of the first team squad. Maybe next year one or two more will be ready."

Good news.

Start spending less and getting the academy to produce first teamers, thats the way forward.

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I think more about defence.... Anyway we have to buy a quilified central defender. I think it`s too early to play first team for Morais or Mancienne on a constant basis, isn`t it?

I don't know. Mancienne has played really well for QPR.

When I was watching our reserve/youth team play I usually thought that Mancienne was better than Diarra and look how good Diarra is doing. I know that isn't proof that Mancienne will be as good as Diarra is for the first team but I still think we should give him a chance.

The thing is do we try Mancienne in the pre season and then, if he isn't performing well enough, buy a great defender in the last minute? Or should we buy a strong defender first and then see if Mancienne is good enough? If we do the latter we might end up with having too many central defenders and I guess Mancienne won't get to play much unless the others can't play.

If we do the first option then we might have to work hard to get a player and it might cost us even more.

I don't know. I really like Mancienne and I think he can be a new Terry (well almost anyway).

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No one can be a new Terry. Let him become THE Mancienne(=great player in his own right). Two Chelsea boys in the center of our defence sounds intriguing.

Yeah, nobody can become a new Terry. I know that. Terry is one of a kind (unfortunately icon_wink.gif ).

Mancienne - Terry = Best homegrown central defence in the world!

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Anyone else think that, before this statement, Jose has been having public digs at Arnesen and, by implication, at the whole coaching structure? Implying 'I'm doing my job with the first team squad and it ain't my fault there's noone in the reserves ready to step up - others are failing in their responsibility to keep the talent flowing through'.

I was interested in his point about Wenger being under much less pressure than him - able to develop youngsters while being forgiven when the club don't win trophies. I think he wants to bring on young players but his role in the club gives that duty to others, and the pressure on him to win silverware means he has to rely on ready-made talent. To be fair he is giving chances to Mikel, Kalou and Diarra - but they're not exactly homegrown.

In this statement he pays tribute to what's happening in the reserves and youth team now, while slating what was in place before.

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I don't think Jose's comments are meant to be digs at Arnesen. I think he's saying that Chelsea's youth system was crap when he came here, but now there are players soon will be able to make the step up. The kids don't become good enough overnight and it's less than 2 years since Arnesen came to the club. I think he's saying we are making progress, but it's not instant. Small steps, small steps. icon_wink.gif

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Good points.

Actually the interview itself got me confused.

First he was aparently having a dig at Arnesen, something along the lines of "we still haven't got enough quality youngsters who are ready to take the step to the first team"

Then this ?

I honestly think - and all the signs are there to see - that he and Arnesen aren't best mates. He wants to control everything from the youngsters to the first team and Arnesen got in the way.

Wich is best i dunno, however, in defense of Arnesen, you can't suddenly find 10 world class youngsters out of the blue.

The scouts network itself has to function properly.

Acording to Arnesen on another interview, Chelsea has 60 scouts only in London, FFS !

Now, personally, I believe that - except if we get our hands on the new Maradona or Pele - in order for a young player to take the step up, especially with the level the main team has, he should be around 19 to 20 years old.

That we already have, as mentioned, Diarra, Mikel & Kalou.

Asides from the reserves/youngsters, I think we could/should get at least one "Diarra" p/ season.

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And he insists striker Ben Sahar will become a first-team player next season, with others not far behind him.

"Next season Ben Sahar is ready to come up and be part of the first team squad. Maybe next year one or two more will be ready."

Am i the only one who feels good reading how Jose is talking about 'next season', 'next year'?

Come on Roman, get over it, make the first step.

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