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Chelsea v Swansea (PL) 13/09/14 KO 15:00 BST

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Our next Premier League game after the international break and we're hosting second-placed Swansea at home. So far Swansea have avoided the big fry (Manchester United don't count) and their record against us is patchy at best.


Provided we remain injury free during the international break we should absolutely twat them. We have Manchester City away after Swansea so we'll definately want to keep ahead of them going into that clash.


If we attack with the ferocity we showed against Burnley and Everton we'll absolutely twat Swansea out of the park.

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Don't like Swansea. Hope Costa kicks the sh*t out of that ball boy.


I can see him pulling off a sly clothesline whilst celebrating his 4th.


Swansea didn't look that impressive against United, didn't see their other games.  We should be beating them at home in any case.  I just hope the defence looks back to its usual resolute self.  City travel to Arsenal beginning their week of hell (Arsenal, Bayern, us) - so this is our opportunity to break away from the chasing pack.

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A win with a clean sheet would be perfect! Be nice to see a cameo from Remy too at some point, I guess he would have settled in a little by then.


Anyway a nice 2 week break for us from our beloved Chelsea, no way I'm watching England I will find something better to do. I guess that's two weeks football free! Doh!  :mad:

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I just don't get that same feeling for Internationals that I do for club football.

Nor i. When I was younger used to follow the fortunes of the Scotland team. Sadly, the Scottish National side has been in decline for some years now. Club football for me now. I notice that at the same time as England play Norway, Germany plays Argentina.


Should easily beat Swansea. Remember when we beat them 4-0 a couple of seasons back. Game where Torres was sent off.

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If we can get someone running against Taylor well be laughing, looked so poor against united and hasn't been tested since, not bad going forward but another case of a attack minded full back not being able to defend.

Game will be a tougher test than it should be after their start but even after internationals we should still have enough.

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Hmm I hate the fact this game is so far away.

Boo to international friendly’s!!!

Anyway this is going to be a tough game I reckon, Swansea are no mugs as we have seen so far this season. Bony will be a handful as will Gomis if he plays a part, they are a good passing side and we must match them in that aspect…more so than the weekend where I felt we struggled to keep possession…albeit being deadly when given our chances.

I hope the break doesn’t eat at our momentum and we can pick up where we left with another good display with some goals…although of course I’d take a scrappy narrow win all day long.

My team would largely be the same with maybe Schurrle or Oscar coming in for Ramires.






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