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Saying Goodbye

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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So I think for all of us, Torres has been a big part of our Chelsea life for the last few years.

Thoughts such as:

"How did he miss that"

"OK this is the big chance to silence the critics"


But for me, a large chunk of his failings are forgiven because of the night that, even though we were going to get through anyway, he scored the goal against Barca that gave me one of the best moments of my life.

And now he's gone, almost "just like that."

On the one hand I'm not too concerned - Costa and the rest of the team look great right now and we're moving on

On the other hand I'm almost feeling like Torres deserves a bit more of a proper goodbye.

For me, Zola's farewell was beautiful.

But, in general, how do you think we do at saying goodbye to players? Do all the right ones get the testimonials?

Are there any players that you think we've allowed to just "slip away" without due recognition?

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Well not sure how many players read the forum...so not sure about the goodbye's. Players come and go. Twitter these days is a good outlet if you really want to say goodbye to a player and not just say it for your own sake.

Torres, as far as I know, wasn't very close to fans or never really said heartening things to fans. It is okay for me but I personally have nothing else to say but good luck Torres.

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