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Friends & Foe's of Wenger

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/ ... 459129.ece

Article by Cascarino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not bad Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ars?ne Wenger is better at starting arguments than at winning trophies these days. Then again, why does he need silverware, he?s already got a huge shield ? the one he uses to deflect away the reality of Arsenal?s own shortcomings.

You could accuse the assistant referee of being wrong to tell the referee to send off Emmanuel Adebayor in the Carling Cup final, but not of being a liar. That?s accusing him of dishonesty, effectively of cheating. It?s not the linesman who has an agenda, but the Arsenal manager himself. Something goes wrong? It?s somebody else?s fault. Wenger produces more sour grapes than a dodgy vineyard.

Funny how he courts controversy after defeats, but appears far more mellow when all is well. Wenger seems incapable of admitting that Manchester United and Chelsea are superb sides. Apparently the league table is not enough evidence for him.

He?s always been like that, back when he was the coach of AS Monaco and Marseilles were the dominant force in French football. Wenger kept sniping at Marseilles, saying that their success was down to underhand methods. He certainly had a point, but the fact was that Marseilles had a great team, no matter how shady the chairman at the time, Bernard Tapie, was. Tapie used to refer to Wenger as a ?nearly man?.

The danger for Arsenal now is that they become a ?nearly team?. The Champions League is the only competition they still have a chance of winning. Is that the fault of the assistant referee in Cardiff, or is it Wenger?s, for his team selection both at the Millennium Stadium and at Ewood Park on Wednesday?

The assistant referee?s a liar. Deflection. Away from his own huge blunder in selecting Philippe Senderos to face Chelsea, despite repeated evidence that Senderos cannot handle Didier Drogba. Watch the video and see how Drogba keeps drifting away from Kolo Tour? and towards Senderos, because the striker knows he?s too good for him.

Yes, we can all talk of how promising Arsenal?s kids are, but by not choosing his strongest side in the past two games, Wenger reduced the chances of victory. Was that a smart trade-off for 90 minutes? work experience for his teenagers?

Not having a really strong substitutes? bench seems ridiculously stubborn to me. What on earth was William Gallas doing sitting in the stands? Wenger is incredibly secure in his job, deservedly, but that brings its own risks. Was picking the kids really in the best interests of the club and fans, or was it a personal indulgence? Does he start with J?r?mie Aliadi?re if his job depends on winning the game? Of course not.

If Arsenal don?t beat an inferior team, it?s usually the opposition?s fault for playing dull, stifling tactics. Deflection. They outwitted his team but Wenger gives them no credit; quite the reverse.

To praise others would be to start to build a relationship and Wenger doesn?t seem to do friendship. He distances himself from everybody.

I was told a story that rings true, whether it is or not. When in charge of Wycombe Wanderers, Tony Adams supposedly tried to contact Wenger to ask if he could take a couple of young players on loan. Yet despite being an Arsenal legend, Adams was unable to get hold of Wenger and was forced to talk to his underlings.

Distance, deflection, no matter who you are. Wenger is easy to admire but hard to love and it?s a shame because he is one of the best managers to work in this country.

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What on earth was William Gallas doing sitting in the stands? Wenger is incredibly secure in his job, deservedly, but that brings its own risks. Was picking the kids really in the best interests of the club and fans, or was it a personal indulgence?

I reckon he read my post and copied it.


Thought this worth a repeat:-

William Gallas - "AUG 2005 - Things will no longer be so easy for Arsenal. The future is Chelsea, we are the ones moving forward. Arsenal have had their time"

How right he was

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