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Fifa 15 - Player Ratings.


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EA Sports have been revealing the top 50 players on the latest upcoming Fifa at what seems at 10 players per day.


So far they've revealed 50-31, tomorrow they'll reveal 30-21, Saturday 20-11, and ultimately the rest on Sunday.


The Chelsea players who are included so far have been


46. Cesc Fabregas - 84

37. Diego Costa - 85

34. Petr Cech - 85

31. Thibaut Courtois - 86


I'm only expecting to see Eden Hazard in the top 30.


Link- http://www.easports.com/fifa/news/2014/fifa-15-player-ratings-top-50

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Courtois already at 86? He might end up at 99 in a career mode!

Speaking of career mode, hopefully Baker, Ake, Chalobah, etc. are all good prospects worth playing. Always frustrates me when they miss our brightest youngsters.

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Fabregas criminally underrated, from what i've heard he's well below the likes of Mata, Busquets and Silva.

Fabregas stats are more well rounded making his overall lower, the others you mentioned play a specific role and their stats are tailor-made for that position which increases their overall.


Basically, overall means nothing.

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Nice to see Hazard in the top 10:

1. Lionel Messi 93

2. Cristiano Ronaldo 92

3. Arjen Robben 90

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic 90

5. Manuel Neuer 90

6. Andres Iniesta 89

7. Luis Suarez 89

8. Bastian Schweinsteiger 88

9. Franck Ribery 88

10. Eden Hazard 88

Muller doesn't make top 10 yet Schweinsteiger does? I'm confused,,,,
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