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I love the Zlatan


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He's a terrific player but in my opinion he is acting like a real cock.

Does he think he is some kind of God? Football is a contact sport and if he doesn't like it he should go do ballet. 


He is not just some kind of God. He is Zlatan.

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Having read his book he is clearly arrogant and up himself.

However I think most of it is done with a bit of tongue in cheek.


It's part of the character he plays. He's created a persona and people expect a bit of craziness from him. Just like people expect Balotelli to burn down bathrooms and do weird stuff.

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He's one of the best footballers on the planet and one of the few that actually has a personality. Of course he's good for football.

Agreed! Maybe THE egotistical maniac in an ocean of others who feel the same way. Bottomline is if he was banging goals at Chelsea like he did everywhere else in his career I would be ecstatic. He should go to the MLS after PSG though. He'd be a superstar and it help the sport here in America! Americans would soak him up with his brashness and confidence. After all we have to hear it from mediocre players evolved from thuggery and Zlatan has so much more charisma and statistics to say I am the best, kneel before Zod!

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Disappointed we didn't get him when Barca shipped him out the Milan, he would have killed it for us. 


I agree I would have loved to see him at Chelsea, but we had Drogba. Neither of them would be content being second choice and they were(are?) top players.

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