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Thought I'd start a thread for this.


It's the one game I'm actually really looking forward to, should hopefully be coming out Spring 2015.


It's from the same team who were involved in the first Left 4 Dead game.


Some trailers:







Going to pre-order it (could have sworn I already did, but no record of it...) for the PC.


Anyone else going to get this?

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Matches are quite short aren't they?

Right now I don't see the replay value in it, would I get more than a couple of weeks of enjoyment out of it?

I'm keeping an eye on it but not holding my breath.... Mainly because I am not as in to multi player games anymore.



I imagine it would really depend on the match itself. There are different monsters to choose from with different abilities, different maps, different choices for the 4 hunters. Some setups would probably be a quick game, others might take a long time.


Of course you could raise the same sort of replay value question with games like Left 4 Dead, as those maps are very linear and play-throughs are often very similar, but people still play those years later, and Evolve looks a lot more interesting a concept, plus I'm sure over time there will be different game modes and whatnot to keep it interesting

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Ah, I fly solo all the time.

These sorts of things can be alright if you're working together but if you're playing with randoms like I do then 90% of the time your team mates are sh*t.


If you play on a console team-mates are rubbish as it's mostly kids, playing on PC you mostly play with other adults so usually better, though still plenty of knobs.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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