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TT Tips (Porto at home)


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I think the bookies must be running scared of this game, as they are offering really skinny odds on 1-0 and 2-0. 11/2 is the best I can find on either of these scores, but I will keep watching for better odds before I make my bets.

Normally I like to have a larger bet on the score I think is most likely, and a smaller bet on one (or sometimes two) other scores. But, I am torn between 1-0 and 2-0 which is the most likely. We need to score to make sure we don't get caught with a late goal that puts us out. If we are 1-0 up we may sit back on it a little, but if they have to push for a goal then they may leave themselves open for us to take a 2nd.

Therefore, I am going to go for the following:

?20 1-0 @ 11/2

?20 2-0 @ 11/2

These really are rubbish odds, but if the score comes up it won't matter (?40 bet for a ?130 return).


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Sounds about right TT, I fancy the 2-0 and will be going for that.

I will probobly go a tenner on each as I have had a bad season with the bets.

got a bit back on the portsmouth game as you know which will go on this.

Its always good when I am about to bet to see your tips are on what I was gonna do anyway, when they are not I will just bet less.

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Can we really keep a clean sheet yet again? I was impressed that we managed it against Portsmouth but I'm not sure we can do it against Porto.

Honestly this game scares me. I got this bad feeling that we will be 2-1 up and sitting back during the final minutes of the game. Really dangerous concidering they only need to score one goal then to kick us out of the tournament.

I hope we can win it with 3-1. Drogba shines and Sheva get's a goal.

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