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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Just thought I'd post this in this section as well:

I have a huge collection of Chelsea shirts, I was just wondering what peoples favourite shirts/kits are, they can be from any year. Also, are there any other fans that collect shirts on here? Here are some of my favourites:

1987-1989 away kit:

Aqua coloured shirt, Commodore was the sponsor, Umbro the manufacturer, the colour of this shirt is very unique.

1990-1992 away kit:

Red and white, diamond design, a unique kit, with the Commodore sponsor, made by Umbro.

1992-1994 away kit:

White, with red stripes down the middle, another kit sponsored by Commodore, made by Umbro.

1994-1996 away kit:

The Coors years, this kit was bizarre, infamous granite and orange kit, this one is on my list, not because I love it, but because how brave Chelsea were, to play in this mess.

1996-1998 away kit:

The first Chelsea shirt that I ever owned, yellow with dark blue, and sky blue trim, one of the best yellow kits that we have ever had. The sponsor was Coors at first, then Auto-glass took over.

1997-1999 home shirt:

Stylish home shirt, with white and yellow trim, one of our finest kits from the Auto-glass years.

1998-2000 third kit:

Our third kit for two years was yellow, with dark blue and white trim, I loved the yellow colour, though I was not a fan of the collar.

1999-2001 home shirt:

Another fine home shirt from the Auto-glass years.

2000-2002 away/third kit:

An off colour yellow kit, with blue trim, unique.

2003-2005 home kit:

A basic, but stylish home kit, Fly Emirates were the sponsors, we beat Arsenal in the Champions league wearing this kit, I love it.


I wasn't a big fan of white Chelsea kits initially, but this one definitely sold me, with the stylish black and blue stripes down the middle, the white kits continued to grow on me after this one.

2004-2006 away/third kit:

Not every Chelsea fan likes black kits, but this one was classy, made by Umbro, it included silver shorts.

2005-2006 home shirt:

The last home shirt made by Umbro, and a big reason as to why I miss Umbro, as our kit maker. The centenary kit has to be one of the best kits that Chelsea have ever worn.

2005-2006 away kit:

The pale grey/blue kit, the colour of this shirt was very unique to say the least.

2006-2007 third kit:

The best, and the most creative black kit that Chelsea have ever worn, in my opinion, Adidas were the kit makers at this point, the sponsor was Samsung Mobile.

2007-2008 away kit:

The infamous fluorescent yellow kit, not everyone was a fan of it, but I thought that it was very unique.

2008-2009 away kit:

Basically, this is the 2013/2014 away kit, without the ugly silver lines down the side, this is a no nonsense black kit. The sponsors were Samsung now, not Samsung Mobile.

2008-2009 third kit:

I'm more of a fan of this one, than the yellow kit this season, we won the FA Cup final in this kit, I wonder if fans prefer this kit, or the one from this season.

2009-2010 away kit:

An odd stripy dark blue, and light blue kit, with yellow trim, I liked this kit, I thought it was pretty unique.

2010/2011 away kit:

Another black kit, this time with orange trim, with orange player names and squad numbers on the back, I'm still waiting for a full orange away/third kit.

2010/2011 third kit:

Bizarre lime green third shirt, with a blue stripe down the middle, a kit that we only wore three times, I doubt if many people remember it.

2011/2012 third kit:

The Russian imperial flag design was included on this kit, purposely I think. The main colour of the kit was white, we beat Barcelona in this kit, on our way to the Champions League Final success, one of my favourite Chelsea kits.

2014/2015 away kit:

Plain and simple, I think that this is one of our finest away kits in quite some time, can we please stick to yellow as our secondary colour please Adidas, I consider it to be our second colour.

Special mention:

2011/2012 Goalkeeper kit:

White, with purple trim, who can forget this kit? The kit that our legendary keeper ÄŒech wore in the Champions League final.

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