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Rangers Takeover Arrests

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From Sky:


Four Held Over Rangers Football Club Takeover

The suspects were detained at addresses in England in an operation involving Thames Valley, Cheshire and Surrey police forces.

our men have been arrested in connection with the takeover of Rangers Football Club in 2011.

The men were detained on Friday morning by Scots police working with officers from three English forces.

Police Scotland said the four were being held as part of a probe into the "alleged fraudulent acquisition" of the Glasgow club.

The operation took place at a number of addresses in England and involved officers from the Thames Valley, Cheshire and Surrey forces.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: "Following a Police Scotland operation on Friday November 14, four men have been detained as a result of the ongoing investigation into the alleged fraudulent acquisition of Rangers Football Club.

"At around 6am, officers from Police Scotland, assisted by officers from Thames Valley, Cheshire Police and Surrey Police, attended a number of addresses in England and detained four men."

According to the Daily Record, the four men detained are understood to be former Rangers administrators Paul Clark, David Whitehouse and David Grier and former Rangers director and solicitor Gary Withey.


And in breaking news from the BBC:


Police set to issue warrant for arrest of Craig Whyte

Police are expected to issue an arrest warrant for former Rangers owner Craig Whyte following an investigation over the sale of the club in 2011.

The development came after four men were detained in England.

David Grier, Paul Clark and David Whitehouse worked for Duff and Phelps, who were Rangers' administrators.

Gary Withey worked for law firm Collier Bristow, which represented Craig Whyte before he bought Rangers from Sir David Murray for £1 in 2011.

The four men are being questioned over allegations of utterance - signing legally binding documents and purporting to be someone you are not.

All four were held during early morning raids at addresses across the UK in an operation that involved officers from Police Scotland, Surrey Police, Cheshire Police and Thames Valley Police.

Police Scotland have been investigating the sale of Rangers from Sir David Murray to Craig Whyte for more than a year.


'Ongoing investigation'

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: "Four men have been detained as a result of the ongoing investigation into the alleged fraudulent acquisition of Rangers Football Club.

"Around 6am on Friday, Police Scotland officers, assisted by officers from Thames Valley Police, Cheshire Police and Surrey Police, attended a number of addresses in England and detained four men."

Duff and Phelps spokesman Marty Dauer said the firm was aware that three employees in the UK had been "detained for questioning in connection with work performed for Rangers Football Club".

He said this work "was commenced while these employees were part of MCR Partners, prior to its acquisition by Duff & Phelps in October of 2011".

He added: "Duff & Phelps has performed an internal investigation and commissioned an independent investigation of the related matters.

"As a result, we believe that our work for Rangers was conscientious, thorough and properly performed in every respect.

"Duff and Phelps has actively co-operated with all relevant investigating authorities throughout this process."


No wrongdoing

Mr Dauer said a subsequent review by the Insolvency Practitioners Association in 2013 had "cleared the firm of any wrongdoing or conflict of interest" over its involvement with Rangers.

Rangers manager Ally McCoist said: "Obviously I can't or wouldn't comment on a current police matter, but I would have to say I'm shocked.

"Obviously I can't pre-judge what is going to happen.

"Our concern has always been for the staff and supporters. What's happened to us in the last two-and-a-half, three years has been very tough, particularly on the staff and supporters.

"We just want to continue with our attempts to get the club back to where we feel we belong."

The development is the latest twist in a three-year saga involving Rangers.

Mr Whyte bought Rangers from Sir David Murray for £1 in May 2011 and gave an undertaking to settle its £18m Lloyds Bank debt.

It later emerged he paid the debt by selling three years of season tickets to finance firm Ticketus for £25m.

Rangers entered administration on 14 February 2012, while under Mr Whyte's control, over non-payment of tax totalling about £14m.

Mr Clark and Mr Whitehouse from Duff and Phelps were appointed as joint administrators.

HMRC subsequently rejected a creditors agreement to allow Rangers to exit administration.

That resulted in Charles Green's consortium taking control and Rangers being accepted to play in the Scottish Third Division.

The administration of Rangers resulted in Mr Whyte's deal with Ticketus being declared void. The finance firm successfully sued him for £18m over the failed deal.

Mr Whyte was later banned from being a company director for the maximum period of 15 years after a judge heard his conduct in dealing with Rangers was "shocking and reprehensible".

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the intricacies of the last few years are many and varied but if the purchase by Whyte was actually a fraudulent and criminal act i wonder what restitution there can be for the club


penalties imposed for passing into administration and ultimately liquidation, financial penalties imposed by the SFA, banished to the fourth tier of Scottish football - all possibly as the result of fraudulent and criminal actions;


if this turns out to be the case, will the SFA apologise for failing to perform due diligence on the transaction with Whyte, will the clubs that voted to exclude Rangers from the top flight then ask for them to be reinstated?


i'm not holding my breath.....one thing's for sure at some point in time the fall and rise of Rangers will make a great movie  


sorry - to answer Spud's question, this police activity seems to be solely related to the purchase of Rangers by Craig Whyte from David Murray and the actions of administrators Whyte subsequently appointed. I'm not aware of any link to the current owners.

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Craig Whyte has been detained in Mexico. Crown Office is putting in steps for him to appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court.




Former Rangers owner Craig Whyte has been detained by police in Mexico.

The 43-year-old was held on an arrest warrant in relation to an investigation into his takeover of Rangers in 2011.

The Crown Office said it would now take the necessary steps to secure his appearance at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Four men - David Grier, Paul Clark, David Whitehouse and Gary Withey - have already appeared in court charged with fraudulent activity following the investigation into the sale of Rangers.

A Crown Office spokesman said: "We have been advised that the warrant for Craig Whyte has been executed by the Mexican authorities.

"Our International Co-operation unit, working with Police Scotland's Fugitives Unit and the National Crime Agency, will take the necessary steps to secure his appearance at Glasgow Sheriff Court to answer the warrant."

Extradition treaty

The Crown Office will now examine the extradition treaty with Mexico and establish the legal basis for extraditing Mr Whyte unless he waives his right and agrees to the extradition.

Craig Whyte took control of Rangers in May 2011 but the club went into administration in February the following year.

The men who have previously appeared in court in relation to the fraud investigation are David Grier, 53, Paul Clark, 50, and David Whitehouse, 49, who worked for Duff and Phelps - Rangers' administrators.

A fourth man, Gary Withey, 50, worked for law firm Collyer Bristow, which represented Craig Whyte before he bought Rangers from Sir David Murray for £1 in 2011.

All four made no plea or declaration at Glasgow Sheriff Court and were granted bail ahead of a future hearing.

Mr Grier, Mr Clark and Mr Whitehouse were also charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

A separate arrest warrant was also issued last week for Mr Whyte after he failed to attend a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London in relation to separate legal case.

He has been sued for about £18m by Ticketus in relation to his Rangers acquisition.

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I hope he gets put away for a few years for the damage he's done to the club. Saying that, he's not the only one. Would be great if he was put in a cell with a couple of Rangers fans.


What I can't work out is what happens if his purchase of the club was achieved through a criminal act - will there be any restitution?? - Anyway I hope they all go down for what they did to the greatest football club in Scotland    

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Charges laid against White - clearly significant in the fall of the club to the bottom tier of Scottish football and the ongoing financial crisis

Thanks for posting. Can see this case running for months (and years?) to come. Whyte is dodgy but would love to know how much Murray knew before he sold to Whyte. 


I know a few Rangers fans - family, friends and work colleagues and to say that they are fed up with the whole fiasco is understatement of the century. To see such a great club suffer is painful to watch.

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Fed up....absolutely and to top it all various supporters groups have gone off on different tangents with various agendas about the Board and the manager. Time to get everyone back to Ibrox and get some solidarity, the team needs everyone behind them over the next 6 months. 

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I wonder if the arrests mean there will be charges - presumably they would have agreed to speak to police without being arrested if this was simply a preliminary interview.


It's going to be interesting.....



EDIT:  I see they have been charged with Serious Organised Crime; Fraud and Conspiracy - heavy stuff



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Former Rangers owner Craig Whyte has been cleared of taking over the Glasgow football club by fraud in May 2011.

He was acquitted by a jury following a seven-week trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

The 46-year-old was also found not guilty of a second charge under the Companies Act.

The jury of eight men and seven women took just two hours of deliberations to return not guilty verdicts on both charges.

Following the verdict, the SFA said it would consider pursuing Mr Whyte over a £200,000 fine for bringing the game into disrepute.

The penalty was imposed by the governing body in 2012, but the money was never paid.

Mr Whyte took over Sir David Murray's majority shareholding for £1 in May 2011, while agreeing to take on obligations, which included paying an £18m bank debt and £5m for players.

He was charged with using the club's own money for the deal while claiming the funds were his.

After the verdict, judge Lady Stacey told Mr Whyte: "You have been acquitted and are free to leave the dock."

He thanked the judge and jury before leaving the courtroom.

Ticketus loan

Questioned by reporters as he left the building, he said: "I'm just delighted with the outcome."

During the trial, jurors at the High Court of Glasgow were told how Mr Whyte struck a £1 deal to purchase Sir David Murray's controlling stake at Ibrox.

As well as the £18m bank debt and money for players, Whyte had agreed to provide £2.8m to settle a "small tax case" bill, £1.7m for stadium repairs, and £5m in working capital.

Prosecutors had alleged that Whyte pretended to Sir David, and others, that funds were available to make all required payments.

The jury were told Mr Whyte had only £4m available from two sources at the time, but took out a £24m loan from Ticketus against three years of future Rangers season ticket sales, before he owned the club.

The second charge under the Companies Act centred on the £18m payment between Mr Whyte's Wavetower company and Rangers to clear a bank debt.


Mr Whyte had denied both the charges against him.

His defence QC, Donald Findlay, had earlier told the jury that Mr Whyte had been made to look like a "pantomime villain".

He had said the Murray team had been "more focused" on securing a sale than on checking out the source of the money.

Mr Findlay said his client had met the conditions of the sale by paying the debt and investing in the club.

He blamed Sir David's advisers, saying they "let him down very badly" in the deal and did not ask where the takeover money was coming from.

Summing up the defence case, Mr Findlay said: "They were not interested in where the money came from and we know this absolutely categorically."

The defence QC had also pointed out that there had been "no loss" to Sir David Murray in the buyout.

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