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Thibaut Courtois

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He can't stop mid way or stay on his line. By closing in , he hurries the striker to make a decision. Only truly talented players can round off the goal keeper , most often you see the strikers make the mistakes. And some times the GK ends up with the mistake just like Thibo ! 


Unfortunate really ! 

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Can't understand why keepers don't just hockey players in one and one situations. They don't need to jump in and plus in Courtious case,he had two defenders behind him for cover. He didn't need to go in for the ball.

Pepe Reina was brilliant at jockeying.

Firstly the striker has not only the momentum but generally superior physical attributes. No keeper can do that to an onrushing striker unless he's Torres. At least by rushing out you give yourself half a chance. There is a reason why the top keepers all do it. Thibaut made 1 or 2 great saves last season in that very fashion.
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Staying on your line in this kind of situation is what's reckless. By staying on the line, you give all power to the striker. He is the one who decides what's gonna happen. By coming of your line, you dictate the direction of the play. You force the striker to make a decision: is he gonna try and round you? Is he gonna try and hit it? You also create time for your defenders to possibly get back and cover.


If he stayed on his line yesterday, no chance Cahill was ever gonna get back in time.


That's why the keeper should come out and narrow the angle. He's a good shot stopper, so I'd back him one on one against Gomis. All he had to do was come out a few metres and make it more difficult for the striker to get a shot at an empty part of the goal, not wildly hack him down.

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