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Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

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1 hour ago, Osgood is Good said:

Seen this on Sky.........



Sky sources understand there is no way back for Diego Costaat Chelsea.

We are told “he is finished at Chelsea for sure and has played his last game for the club”.

He wants to stay, but accepts there is no future for him at Chelsea. He fell out with Conte and Conte has had enough.

The striker’s potential transfer to Atletico Madrid is being negotiated now.

Conte certainly doesn't take sh*t. He's got big balls for sure.

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1 hour ago, moi said:

Ha! One of my finest typos! I had  a great time. I was staying with a pupil from a long time ago, who is now his country's Ambassador to Europe. He and his wife gave a party for me where they invited THREE other Ambassadors!  Their thoughts on Trump are unprintable.


Sorry, off-topic I know. I shall go and sin no more.

Oh my, I wish I had a teacher like you :wink: mine mostly wore tweed blazers and had atrocious teacher lounge coffee breath. I can imagine they had some choice words about us leaving Europe also....

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Sky sports sources are saying Diego Costa's preference would be to stay at Chelsea.

He hasn't spat his dummy out or anything has he? He told the media Conte doesn't want him anymore, but he has never said he wanted to leave.

The way people are talking you'd think he forced a move out of here, but the truth is he has always been a half season footballer, yet he still put in the effort and turned up for every game apart from Leicester which was down to Conte. IMO Costa hasn't changed but he still winded it in and was on his best behaviour (Not much anger antics on the pitch)

I guess it's Conte who has forced him out of the club not Costa pushing for a move. I'm not annoyed with Conte but I am gutted!

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So you know everything what has been going on behind the scenes? No one apart from Conte and Costa knows what was going on behind the scenes.

Remember one Jose-Eva gate... We still to this day don't know what happened. Both Conte and Costa are emplyees of Chelsea. If there was a spat between the two both are accountable.

I'm still on Conte's side here as he is the manager but boy did Jose screw things up in his last months. Costa is very easy to blame for everything but he also might genuinely want to stay and Conte might actually want that too.

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18 minutes ago, doctorblue said:

Looks like AM have agreed to cough up £30m for Costa as Simineo is desperate to get a striker has he's lost out to a number of his summer targets...let's get this done and sort out his replacement...thanks Diego good luck to you...


If true then good riddance and cant be soon enough that he gets lost.

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8 minutes ago, doctorblue said:

The article at a certain point states

"The Monaco utility man is seen as an alternative to the versatile Vitolo and was being courted by Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United."

In which world can fabinho be looked at as an alternative to Vitolo? As much as i want diego gone, I seriously doubt anything in this article is valid.

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