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Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

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34 minutes ago, dkw said:

Atletico continue to await a response to their offer, although it is believed to be an issue regarding loyalty payments which are holding up the deal.

I don't think that word means what he think it means...

If he's so desperate to go back to Madrid why doesn't he just waive the fees. 

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On 9/12/2017 at 20:26, Drogbaholic said:

That's very good money if we get that. Means the club actually made profit during this window and still got in some good players. Not bad. 

As for Diego he might leaving on a bad note, but still was a huge success here who gave it his all when playing and i wish him all the best. Shame it had to end like this.



Baka - 40mil

Rudi - 30mil

Morata - 58mil

Willy - Free

Zappacosta - 21mil

Drinkwater - 35mil

Total ~ 185mil



Matic - 40mil

Ake - 20mil

Nat - 5mil

Cuadrado - 17mil

Atsu - 6mil

Traore - 9mil

Begovic - 10mil

Total ~ 107mil

Even if we get 60mil euros for costa (53mil pounds), that still means a net spend of 25mil.

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Dear Diego,
I hope I speak for all Chelsea fans when I say: "Thank you".
You've been a brilliant striker for us, perhaps the best since Drogba, you've shown determination, vigor and much more. I will always treasure the memory of seeing your first league goal in person on a Monday night at turf moor. You're name is on the back of one of my shirts. 
But we also must face the truth, if we are to truly appreciate your time at the club, we must remember the bad things too. Your attitude has been undesirable at times and while you remained a consistent joker, there's no smoke without fire. It seemed like every season there was word of you wanting to leave and while I know it must be tough settling in a foreign country when your heart is at another club, it was very undesirable and put Chelsea in a difficult decision.
I'm sure we'll know the full truth in time, your bust up with Conte, your subsequent lack of form and those incoming texts. But at the end of the day, no player is bigger than a club and while I'll always love you as a professional, your attitude recently has been poor and has soured the memory of you at the club. Us fans will always back Conte and any player showing little commitment to the club will always be a problem.
So for one last time: DIEGO! DIEGO! DIEGO!
Thanks Costa
Now leave. 

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