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*Official* Pedro to Chelsea

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I haven't seen anyone else raise this before and I only just remembered, but is it just me or did he look as good as Sanchez when he was at Barca?


Sanchez is a better footballer but he and Pedro excel at different things.


Pedro is exactly what we need on the opposite side to Hazard, he is an amazingly intelligent runner and as instinctive as most strikers.


Remember Schurrle's goal at Burnley? Pedro will give us that, always an option for Cesc, but he's actually everything we hoped Schurrle would be but wasn't.


We so badly needed another threat in behind and that's what Pedro is, this is going to prove to be an amazing signing.


LOL UNITED   :laugh2:

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This is very exciting. He will help in Costa getting back on form, more width and a winning mentality.


Now, for Stones & Witsel and we are going to be a force again.


Not that we won't have a good shot with the current set of players. I just can't help but think we are going to leak alot of goals if we don't address other areas.

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I know this is probably sacrilege but I do not like our new shirt at all, it's that awful Yokohama logo


I'll put in a rival bid when the Yokoyoma deal runs out, I'm sure they will be receptive to sponsership by a 1-man web development company which hasn't released any software yet.



Also did I mention my logo is a duck?



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