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*Official* Pedro to Chelsea

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What I loved the most about him is that he didn't come here to wind down. After winning everything at his boyhood club (and the national team) while being involved with the greatest club side of all time you would imagine a lot of players in his position wouldn't have the same hunger to make it work at a new club, especially when his first season involved an all time collapse of a season.

Not a bit of it with him though, he still played like he had everything to prove.

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Amazing player. A legend of the game. Came in at age 28 having won everything there is to win in club and international football yet always puts in a shift and never throws his hand up 

Hope he wins the Serie A with Roma too next year. 

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3 hours ago, Backbiter said:

Candidate for best pre-season goal in Chelsea history. Pedro scored some absolutely vital goals for us, and some belters. He's been a great servant, and while he used to annoy the hell out of me at times with his sloppy passing, his attitude and energy on the pitch were exemplary. 

Hope he has a great time in Rome.

Top 3 preseason goals i can remember, along with Hazards vs Barcelona, and Drogbas vs Milan.

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13 minutes ago, big blue said:

Top 3 preseason goals i can remember, along with Hazards vs Barcelona, and Drogbas vs Milan.

Debruyne scored a cracker, too, and got injured in the process. Really thought he'd suffered a horror knee injury, similar to Zouma's.

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If there's one word that comes to mind when describing Pedro's time here, it would be 'spectacular'.

Spectacular goals at spectacular moments, allied with a spectacular work rate. 

From his performance on debut, to his absolute pearlers at crucial moments in 2016/17 against Tottenham and Everton, Pedro always did have a flair for the spectacular. 

Even when things weren't working for him, or even when he was shoved into a formation that didn't suit his abilities (Conte's 3-5-2), he always gave it 100% on the pitch. 

When things were working for him, Pedro could combine well, especially with Hazard and Costa, and find space as he weaved into the box (mostly from the right), before unleashing a shot at goal in his uniquely two-footed style.

So let us wish for Pedro to have more spectacular moments at Roma, while remembering his spectacular 2016/17. :JC_doubleup:

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15 minutes ago, andy said:

He was great at digging them out from under his feet ! I never noticed that before seeing this compilation,  hardly any back lift. a great skill to have


All the best Pedro, thanks for your commitment and passion to the mighty blues 


I noticed something too, and that was when having a bit of time and shooting it was often not a straight hit yet bounced before the keeper. 

Goals comfortably with both feet and head. Fabregas gets a coupe of honourable mentions for his assists too.

Think he was a model professional for us. 


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Great determined effort by Pedro today near the very end of the game to try and make a difference - special respect to him for that, and thanks for all his efforts in his time wearing Chelsea blue, hope he recovers from the injury today quickly and best of luck to him at Roma

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33 minutes ago, Blue Exile said:

Feel very sad for him, losing a cup final in your last game and getting badly injured too isn’t what he deserved. Scored some great goals for us and was the perfect pro with it. 

Hope he gets back to the Bridge at some point so the fans can thank him in person. 👏

Reminds me of Ballacks last game for us. Also injured in the FA Cup final. Sad way to go out. Hopefully his shoulder heals and he is ready for Roma.

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