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Chelsea really are on the brink of a crisis


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Chippy are you Dorset in disguise?   Brilliant post !





f**k the haters



Scott if I could write like Dorset, I'd be starting fifteen threads a day :biggrin:


Cheers though, I take that as a huge compliment.

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as always great post.


its easy for us all to get frustrated and say things after a game in the heat of the moment, but now is the exact time when the team needs us. Its time to dig our heels in and go to war

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The sort of support you guys give to Jose when he isn't doing the right thing is the reason why Jose wont ever drop Ivanovic and Fabregas till we are relegated. He knows even if he gets us relegated many people will still clap for him based on past achievements. I don't blame anyone though. We all just want the best for this team!


The kind of support we are showing to Mourinho is the support any fan should be giving to a manager that has won us so many trophies over the years.


I'm not going to turn on Mourinho so quickly after he has given us so much to be happy about over the years.

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good post Chippy mate


hope to be there at the Villa game


manager has had and always will have my 100% backing, despite whatever is going down behind the scenes


despite the media and oppo fan hatred/ dislike of him, and a lot of Chelsea fans on here apparently, just like Diego, every damn team in the prem if they were looking for a manager/ striker would be in for them both -warts and all

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I think the 'sell to buy' has to be abolished, at least on a temporary basis. We need a solid squad where there is genuine competition for places.


I hate the sell to buy policy we seem to have in place, our squad isn't very big as it is and i think a lot of quality players have gone out of the club because of this policy.

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Nah, screw you Chippy!! Do you know how long you've been going to Chelsea for? Why offer a coherent, well reasoned opinion when you simply could have said 'I've been to more live matches than you, you scallywag and I've seen us when we were proper sh*t' - it requires much less thought.

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I remember when I heard the news that Jose had left the first time. I was gutted. I knew we would never get a manager as passionate and as hard working as Jose. He genuinely cares about this club and he will be hurting as much as anyone at our current position. You can bet he will be watching our previous matches hour after hour, analysing the mistakes, things he could have done different. He will be planning ahead meticulously. If anyone can turn around our season it will be Jose. I have 100% faith in him. The players need to look at themselves and ask "Am I really putting the same effort in as my manager?"

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Quick post.


Some interesting posts around. Depressing results to come out to once a month!


I like what Jose's been saying and that the board backs him. He certainly has earned the right to receive some slack. Top four would be a great comeback. Whatever Jose may say that people may not like, I think it is great that he stands up to the tyrants that are the English FA. Ridiculous organization.


I do think that Wallosh had an interesting point though that was mostly ignored. We continue to support Jose because we know what he has given us and what he is capable of. Loyalty and knowledge of his ability in short. Can we really blame Jose for continuing to pick Cesc and Ivanovic then? Loyalty and knowledge of their ability again. Maybe his faith will be justified and maybe it wont. Maybe our faith in him will be justified and maybe it wont. Whatever the end results may be, there is no right and wrong here. However, support where it is earned and deserved is never a wrong sentiment.


Critical month ahead! :smile:

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Intersting little piece from one of the espn bloggers if anyones interested.



In the wake of the damaging 3-1 home defeat to Southampton containing a second-half display destined to remain long in the memory for all the wrong reasons, there has actually been some good news for supporters of Chelsea FC.


The confirmation from the club that they retain their faith in manager Jose Mourinho is a very welcome if unexpected step and suggests that the revolving-door policy at Stamford Bridge has, for now at least, been put on hold.

Normally a vote of confidence is seen as the first step towards an inevitable sacking.


In the context of the reigning Premier League champions, it is a rare public comment in a moment of strife. Previously in Roman Abramovich's time as owner, when the results have been below the level of acceptability, the manager has been the recipient of a clinical, emotionless dismissal. A cold-blooded professional hit designed to remove the incumbent with minimal fuss and leaving little evidence of them ever having been there with official photos airbrushed to reflect the new reality.


That Mourinho has been supported shows the burgeoning maturity of the club and of its owner. While some of Chelsea's managers over the past decade might have deserved their marching orders, there have been other knee-jerk reactions born out of impatience and lack of perspective that have only served to undermine the clear ambition. The original departure of Mourinho that preceded two years of flux would be the most obvious example. The situation was then mirrored in 2011 when the equally unfortunate Carlo Ancelotti was unceremoniously dispatched for the crime of finishing second just 12 months after winning the club's first and only domestic league and FA Cup double.


Mourinho's return to the club in 2013 was packaged as a long-term project that would combine the building of a young team with instant success. The message from both the club and the manager was that this time the Portuguese was in it for the long haul, having assuaged his desire to conquer Europe's other major leagues. With plenty of cynical eyebrows raised, there was much murmuring that this standpoint would prove to be a mere platitude should results take a turn for the worse. Given Abramovich's penchant for ruthlessness, it was an understandable concern.

For the time being though, it seems like the assertions of 2013 were not just soundbites; the desire to build a legacy and foundation to serve the club through the next 10 to 20 years are genuine ambitions. After several years of turbulence, despite the deluge of trophies that came along with it, stability is the new status quo at Chelsea and it is to be applauded.


A cynic might suggest that the club's position is less the product of inherent loyalty and more of an indication of the lack of viable replacements. Of the big names that are available, Jurgen Klopp is reportedly more attracted by a rebuilding job in a secure environment, while Ancelotti is unlikely to fancy a return to the place that jettisoned him without fanfare. Of those who are currently working at clubs, Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone is perhaps the best ideological fit. However, there is presently little incentive for him to leave a club that he dearly loves in the middle of the season and that currently sits one point off the top of La Liga.

ESPN FC's Gab Marcotti rates the likelihood that Jose Mourinho will leave Chelsea in 2015.

In any case, ditching a manager at the first sign of trouble, especially one with the status of Mourinho, is hardly likely to have prospective employees queuing up to join the club. It might work for Real Madrid but they are the exception that proves the rule.


In fact, it is a sign of Chelsea and Real Madrid's shared dysfunction that the last three managers to be employed by the Spanish giants have also worked for the Londoners in the last five years (Mourinho, Ancelotti and Rafa Benitez). In that context, Chelsea have already worked their way through the majority of potential candidates, leaving them with little option but to stick with the world-class manager they already have.


And then there is the small matter of what happens when you appoint a new manager. The incoming individual will want his own staff, his own players and his own philosophy to be installed. All the existing work is ripped up as new foundations are laid. This all requires time, patience and, most importantly, a huge financial investment.

Given Mourinho's track record of success at Chelsea, the immense regard in which the supporters hold him and his relationship with Abramovich, it makes much more sense at present to keep the faith. After all, this is a man who has won three Premier League titles and laid the groundwork for an unprecedented haul of trophies, including the Champions League. If anyone is going to dig Chelsea out of their current malaise it is Mourinho. If anyone should be trusted with a hefty transfer budget it is Mourinho.


He has made some errors of late in his preseason preparations, his team selections and his treatment of the medical staff, yet he remains far and away the best man for the job. As Mourinho himself defiantly said, he is the best manager that Chelsea have ever had. Long may it continue.

Phil is one of ESPN's Chelsea bloggers and author of Chelsea-centric blog ShoutyandSpitty.com. You can follow him on Twitter @PhilLythell.

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Well I'm really sorry had a sh*t morning and took it out on you. That's not like me either feeling ashamed.


Honestly Bobby, no offence taken, I probably should have asked you to re read it before getting a bit prissy myself, good of you to apologise,

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How do we define crisis?

Personally, outside top 4 with no trophies would be a minimum for me.

Not competing for the title but finishing top 4 would be very dissapointing but not crisis for me because outside of this season it's tangible ramifications are relatively immaterial. Still have the lure and financial gain of CL footie.

Then again, finished below Europa League places and still played CL football.

If things don't work out in the next month just throw the CL group and drop down into the Europa League to double chances of CL next season. Easy.

I mean not competing for the title would be a crisis if 100 million or more had been splashed towards that objective, but barely even spent the prize money for winning the league.

Think losing Mourinho would place this firmly into crisis criteria for me. I'd rather flog off key players if they are making a hassle. This group is no where near what was around a decade ago, and they struggled for trophies without Mourinho. Even the great managers who got success the first season at the helm of that better squad found it impossible to replicate the next season (current manager aside).

Ya, crisis to me would be tossing the current manager for a bunch of players who likely won't be here after 2-3 more seasons anyways. Because, and this is total personal bias, the players who I can envisage being here long term (Azpilicueta, Zouma, Matic, Courtois etc) are also the players I struggle to see throwing their toys out the pram because they dont like the manager.

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Honestly Bobby, no offence taken, I probably should have asked you to re read it before getting a bit prissy myself, good of you to apologise,



If only Jose had the sense to do likewise!


Chippy, you can start as many threads as you want!  It is always a joy and a delight to read a well-balanced, articulate post.


But don't even think of starting a rival Musical Connections thread! Or it'll be "You/Me - outside - NOW!"   :wink:

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