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Lukaku - Blumming Useless ?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Just because he was better than him a year later in a different team and country does not mean he was better when they were both at Chelsea.

Those who want to leave can, we have no place for them. I honestly couldn't care who it was. Hazard or whoever because Chelsea is far FAR bigger than any of those players and always will be.

No disrespect to KRC but he's our resident Belgian follower I'm sure? So you're pissing in the wind if you think you'll convince him it wasn't a mistake despite our success last year.

I agree with you, I thought KdB deserves a bit more of a chance and was gutted we let him go because I thought he'd become class.

BUT he wasn't willing to fight for it and wanted to go and with that the same way if it was Hazard saying it then all the best and let them go. If they're not happy here I don't want them playing for us or being at the club.

And as you say we won the league and cup double and he continued his development playing week in, week out at Wolfsburg, everyone was a winner (Waiver: I'm not saying hazard is unhappy, it was just an example)

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Thank you, EdinburghBlue.

I love Edingburgh by the way!


Yep. I'm from Belgium but that has nothing to do with my point of view.

If it is bad, it's bad.


I never piss into the wind, EdinburghBlue.

I have learned that. From mistakes.

I prefer pissing in the sun. Even with my eyes closed. Even with my hands in the air if that's possible at that moment.


That fithting thing is nosense, EB. Kevin is the most hard working football player I ever have met. I have seen him growing up, home in Genk. I saw him in Bremen. In Wolfsburg. On training. In games. Believe me. Every team is happy with a hard working player like him. That's why he has a break in City right now.


You are right.

If .. not happy ... leave!




Eden is not happy, I guess.

Don't know what the problem is.

I'm sure he wants to stay in Chelsea.

But don't know if that's possible.

For my Belgian point of view.

He really must do better or he will lose his place in the National team. There're others.

That national team needs him next year. No doubt.

I  believe he'll getting better the next years.

I hope in Chelsea!

But he need a super good squad with 10 other super players.

And a very good dressing room.

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