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FA Cup Draw

Ballack & Blu

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I've heard that ticket allocation for Northampton would only be about 600, whereas MK Dons would be 6-8k


If Northampton i believe their away end holds 800 but can accommodate another 300 if another section if required. FA rules state away fans get up to 15%. Well 15% of their capacity is not far off 1,100 so maybe we will get that.


If Franchise FC then away fans get 3,000 but that can be increased to 6,000 however 15% would be 4,500.


imagine 6,000 going would be mental but the atmosphere might be better at Northampton.



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MK Dons play Northampton tonight, really hope MK win only reason being we get more tickets & its an easy trip by train.


I went there in pre season with our U21s, its a quality ground to be fair, they have a big sports bar where away fans can go(not sure about us in the cup though) we were in their main stand & we had to go in to their lobby area & up some carpeted stairs where we came out in to a corporate like area that had carpet, bars & was for normal fans that lead to their main stand, i was very impressed.


My only gripe was our fans were put up in the top tier on the corner(see pic) in the cup i'd hope we'd get the whole bottom tier.


Chelsea at MK Dons


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Match vs Franchise confirmed! 


Agree with you Carshalton this will be a great one. I'm really keen to go - price, numbers and atmosphere will all be be brilliant. I've not been able to go to as many games this season so points will probably be an issue but fingers crossed! 

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6542 Tickets


Due to the shortness of time tickets will go on sale as follows:

Thursday 21 January until 5pm: Season ticket holders and members on the UK away scheme can purchase one ticket.

Friday 22 January until 12.30pm: Season ticket holders can purchase one ticket.

Friday 22 January from 1pm: Members can purchase one ticket.

Saturday 23 January: Season ticket holders and members can purchase two extra tickets per person (up to a maximum of three).

Ticket prices:

Season ticket holders

Adult £25
Seniors (over 65) £17
Young Adult (under 21) £17
Junior (under 18) £7

Non season ticket holders

Adult £30
Seniors (over 65) £22
Young Adult (under 21) £22

Junior (under 18) £10   :smile:

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