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Wooo! Hey Chelsea Fans!


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Hello everyone!


Brand new here. Apologies for the late sign up, just came across this site!


My name is Justin, I'm 23 and I currently live on the central coast of California. I've been a fan of the blues since I was about 14 years old. (I know I'm not an "original" fan because I came after Abramovich, but I've been a passionate Chelsea fan since day one.) To be honest, I actually started as a Newcastle fan because of the movie "Goal" hahaha But, I then chose Chelsea because the one TV Channel that showed games would never broadcast lower level teams, however, it would occasionally broadcast the Blues and I fell in love with the team and fans. It was always hard for me being a soccer (football) fan in the US growing up, as it wasn't the most popular sport here and not many people understood my passion for Chelsea. I can definitely say that soccer coverage has exploded here though, which makes catching the games a breeze! (The 5am games are rough, though haha!)


Happy to say I'll be visiting London and the Bridge for the first time come late April and it's been an unimaginable dream of mine to see a game. I'll be doing my best to get a ticket to the Spurs vs Blues game on the 27th!

Cheers all! :)   ~ Justin

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Cheers now!

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