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Looking After Their Own

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Just a few words of appreciation and thanks.

My dad Len Kell, was signed by Chelsea as a 17 year old, in the 50,s and spent about 5 years at the club, working through the teams and eventually playing a few games in the first team before he was sold to Norwich.

He's 83 now and suffers from alzheimers but always recalls his time at Chelsea with great fondness. His great mates were Andy Bowman and Bob Smith both sadly deceased. Roman Abramovich heard about dad and immediately sent a club invite to any game ( dad choose Man City) plus a card from all the squad.

This means a lot to us. I've heard many great stories about Chelsea over the years, stuff which would never make the papers!

I'm told Len Casey and John Dempsey will also be with us, so that's going to be great.

Anyway just wanted to let you know that Chelsea look after their own and we are very greatfull and humble.

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Leonard "Len" Kell (born 27 May 1932 in Billingham) made three league appearances for Chelsea in September 1953. An inside forward, he made his debut in a 2-1 win against Arsenal at Highbury, but would make just two further appearances for the Blues before moving to Norwich City.






 His debut we beat the arsenal, top drawer!  Well done your Dad.




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Thanks for your best wishes.

Len made his debut against Arsenal away . I have the programme and tried to upload it. I believe he laid on 1 goal and Chelsea won.

He played 2 other league games and several first team friendlies before moving to Norwich getting injured and moving to non league.

The then manager, Ted Drake didn't really like either Bob Smith or my Dad(they were great mates) I won't go into the reasons. Bob went to Spurs, winning the double and England caps, dad went in another direction......

However dad was earning more money playing non league and working than any full time pro because the maximum wage of £15.How times have changed! We had a good life and he played in Australia for the top side, plus he became a FA coach, but never took up the opertunities which came his way.

He's physically very fit for his age just a pity his memory is failing, still it's going to be fantastic looking around Chelsea and he's really looking forward to visiting some of his old haunts, this Sunday.

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Peckham Blue

From Norwich he signed for Worcester and Poole Town.

There's a story about Norwich who wanted to keep him a second year.He had dislocated his ankle soon after signing .

In those days a player only got a 1 year contract,but he wanted to go part time which was the same money and also work. The result was that Norwich retained his registration and he could never Re enter league football. Proberly why he went to Australia.

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Dad meeting Roy Bentley was very special. It's 63 years since they played against Arsenal. Roy is now 91 and not very well. Dad thanked him for his help as a youngster at the club.Roy was a very good player and top man.

Also John Dempsey, a real gent and Kenny Swain were with us today. All the staff at Chelsea were excellent plus Zara and her 'team ' from Fulham.

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