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Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

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31 minutes ago, Valerie said:

So right. Unlike politics, the world of Football is honest, straightforward and transparant :face_palm:

It is if you're more concerned with supporting your team than what the FA are doing in closed meetings. Hence 95 percent of the discussion on here is football club related, and the most political it gets is carraghar is a twat or the refs a w**ker, maybe for the more elaborate thinkers transfer politics, I'm unaware of any corruption at Chelsea, and if it does exist, well, ignorance is bliss. Hence I can enjoy football as a fun and honest game and take an interest in it but not politics which it is impossible to avoid a cretin lying to your face with a big smile. However rather than my statement being analyzed for a reason to be slated I was looking for a way to politely take the talk back to football which I like not politics which I dont like. 

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Roman Abramovich has told the Chelsea head coach, Antonio Conte, that he is prepared to make a world- record bid for a defender to try to tempt Juventus into selling Leonardo Bonucci in January.

As the Telegraph revealed last week, Abramovich, the Chelsea owner,is ready to bankroll an overhaul of the Blues squad to help Conte turn the club back into Premier League title and Champions League contenders.

Abramovich was at Chelsea’s Cobham training ground last week and the pair lunched together with talk centered around how the club can make up the ground on Europe’s best.

Bonucci, the Juventus centre-back, would be Conte’s dream signing and Abramovich is prepared to try to make a transfer happen by bidding more than the £50 million Paris Saint-Germain paid the club for David Luiz, which is still a world record for a defender.

Any Chelsea bid in January could also spark a rival offer from City, but that will not stop Abramovich trying and there is much talk among rival directors and managers of the Russian’s intention to make a mark in the transfer market.

Following last season’s disaster and early defeats against Liverpool and Arsenal, Abramovich is determined to do what it takes to help Conte succeed in reviving Chelsea’s fortunes.

Branislav Ivanovic’s deal is also due to expire at the end of the season and the Serb’s future looks bleak after he failed to turn around his bad form and was dropped for the Hull game.

Abramovich also knows that he will be required to spend money on Chelsea’s midfield and attack over the course of the next two transfer windows.

A move for a new forward is likely to have to wait until next summer, but Chelsea are among the clubs closely monitoring Atlético Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann, Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Real Madrid’s Álvaro Morata.

Griezmann has long been a target of Chelsea, who would be prepared to pay his €100 million (£87.9 million) release clause, while the Blues failed with a bid for Morata over the summer.

Aubameyang has worked his way on to Chelsea’s radar with seven goals already for Borussia Dortmund this season, including one in the Champions League draw with Real Madrid.

per matt law 


i can't believe im saying this but with a circus of a board we have would like roman to take charge in transfer dealings this january and just spike 60mil+ at proven world class players, but then again there's chance of the man bidding 70million for rooney:face_palm:

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It's great to support the manager financially but for gods sake do it in a sensible way. Why spend so much money on a player who will probably start to decline in about 3 years time?

We really need to sort out our transfer strategy. It's just a joke at the moment.

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9 hours ago, icecoolguy22 said:

Bonucci or not, sounds like Roman will throw some serious $ to back Conte. In my view, if we only get to sign 1 marquee player, let him to a central midfielder who could pass, run, defend, and score a few goals.


I know he doesn't score goals but the one player I would love us to get is Veratti from PSG. Fantastic player. 

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9 minutes ago, timetowaste said:

He's favourite to be sacked next at every bookies. I have no idea what's gone on but this club is beyond a joke if he gets the boot already.

Two bookies have suspended betting but both are owned by the same company.

More than a few journalists with close ties to the club are dismissing this as a nonsense move by the bookies.


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