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Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager


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Simply no, I also don't think that role suits him as he has to work too hard defensively and it seems to take away from the creative side of his game.

But he has shown that he can and will put the effort in and do a shift defensively if his role requires it.

I will also say that I don't think he is defensively inept as some people have suggested but will agree it definitely isn't one of his strong suits and he certainly will miss tackles and he will allow people passed him.

Honestly I disagree with a lot of things. We probably just have different opinions/expectations from our CMs.

I think cesc'a defensive ability is sh*t. And I don't just mean running around, following runners, but even his defensive understanding of the game. What's worse is that when played up front as a no. 10, his close control and ball retention is abysmal. 3 years with the kings of balls shielding and ball retention (iniesta and Xavi) and he seems to have learned nothing from them.

I think koke and kroos are as creative as cesc and they are 10 times the player cesc is defensively.

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Winning whilst playing poorly, how we could have done with that last season.


Hallmark of champions grinding out wins when you play badly, with better attacking options im quite looking forward to what he can do with us, and very interested as to what formation he will be using here, as I dont see us with 3 at the back or in a 4231, and with his preference towards wingers with attacking football im hoping we are gonna head back in the direction of the club I grew up with, that being attacking attractive football.

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Lot of comparisons with LVG being made currently, being used as either a stick to beat him with or used as a warning to Chelsea fans. 


Not too worried myself, Conte is a younger coach and with a history of recent huge success at club level. 


I do wish he wasn't joining us off the back of an international tournament because I think it will hinder our pre-season preparations but despite that I do think it's a good appointment by the club and not as short term/short sighted as LVG was for United who I think they were looking to be a quick fix for the disaster that was Moyes.

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He is a workaholic, too. ‘There are 24 hours in a day,’ Conte has been quoted as saying. ‘I sleep five of them and devote three to my family. That leaves me with 16 to work with.’ It was even said that his wife, Elisabetta, used to wake up in the night to find her husband downstairs, watching football replays of upcoming opponents on TV. 


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