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Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea


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I like the bloke as a back up striker, he hasn't had many minutes at all since he's been here to gel with the team and acclimatize to the system, has a good attitude, and he has scored goals, let's face it once upon a time a club record was paid for a supposedly  top top striker who was given all the game time in the world but never made the level of DD, NA or DC either.  Plus Michy's  goal at WBA last season will never be forgotten.



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23 hours ago, yorkleyblue said:

Like I said in the match thread - two matches against very poor second division opposition and he didn't do anything that convinces me that he has it at their level, let alone ours going forward.  He looked lost for most of the match, and, whilst I accept that I might be churlish to criticise a scorer of a hat-trick, that put a gloss on a disappointingly bad performance, which was easily in the worst three performances of the night on both teams, and possibly the worst.

I agree with you, despite the hat-trick for me it was one of the players that least impressed me on Wednesday. And I watch the highlights of his match RIP Mourinho posted (below) and still feel kind of unconvinced, I think he needs to improve his game a lot. Yes, he scored three and was well positioned for these goals, but watching the rest of the video, meh! (watching around minute 3'04'' frustrates me). But I think he can improve.

23 hours ago, RIP Mourinho said:

Knows how to be in the right place at the right time, strikers instinct. It's not just luck that he manages to bang this number of goals in. 



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I think that Michy gotta make a great season this year, already for stay at Chelsea and same like second striker. Because if Abraham make a great season with Swansea, He will can claim one place in Chelsea squad. So far Abraham is good, then Michy have to be as better as Abraham, and more same. But it's good worker and he can to do it. 

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3 hours ago, enigma said:

Whats worrying is that in his head he thinks he is a complete player.

50 odd for passing is the right stat for him and he should be aware of that himself. 

Players should know their strengths and weaknesses. He is a great finisher and has a good striker's instinct. Scores crucial goals BUT, he needs to be much better to be even considered for a first striker role in the team at the moment. the gulf of class between him and morata is so huge.

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