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Welcome N’Golo Kante

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Apparently he has a £20 million buyout clause in his contract which, if true, almost makes him a no-brainer.

I don't see us getting Vidal which means Nainggolan and one other, and this lad could be it. I'm not one for going overboard after one good season but that price is roughly the same as Imbula (who we should've signed but didn't for whatever reason) and £5 million LESS than we sold Ramires for.

The thought of him and Nainggolan being Cesc's minders in midfield is absolutely mouthwatering.

I can't see us signing both of them when their are other places in the team that need strengthening.

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I can't see us signing both of them when their are other places in the team that need strengthening.


You're right that there's other areas we need to strengthen but I think we sorely need midfielders. Realistically we've got Fabregas, Loftus-Cheek and hopefully Nainggolan (shouldn't assume but I'm hopeful). Then you've got Matic who could find a new lease of life under Conte IF he sticks around and puts in the work. With Oscar and Mikel seemingly off that isn't a lot of depth so I think we need two midfielders.

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Honestly his suggestions are all African players, it's just daft. I mean you don't see me mentioning the likes if Tom Cleverley just because he's English.

My suggestions are all African, sure. But I don't suggest the first best player. I suggest the top of the line from African players.


For all intent and purpose N'golo Kante is also African. Most people agree that for a DM African-origin players are the way to go. As someone mentioned 4,1 tackles per game (second only to Kante; OPTA even claims he has the second most in Europe), 4 interceptions per game (second only to Kante). Plus he actually covers more ground than Kante, is a better passer or a better dribller(he has his faults obviously like being more of a card risk and havinhg the occasional mindmelt).


Basically: If you want to buy Kante, but can't the obvious second choice is Idrissa Gueye. And for one thing he won't cost even 1/4 of what Kante does and will obviously say yes to playing for us.


And if getting such stats was so easy than how come no other player from the bottom of the league managed to do the same?


Please read:



Idrissa Gueye is the cream of the crop of all the teams that were relegated. Plus he has a good working history with Hazard.

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I guess you would prefer Mikel or Matic over Gueye then... Figures.

Matic is a better player, he had a poor season but so did everyone. Matic remember was the best defensive midfielder in the league a season back. But yeah a relegated African who has looked every bit of a villa level player is what we should be looking at....

Mikel ideally is not a first team starter, he's squad filler and even at that he's better than Gueye.

We get it you love to link African's, trouble is 90% of the names you list are not good enough for Chelsea.

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