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On 18/04/2021 at 17:19, axman2526 said:

For me he just does not have the engine to be a good wingback anymore. 

Either he relearns to be a LCB, like he was in Italy, or we use him as one of the front 3, or he leaves.

Think we should honestly be playing Emerson more when Chilwell is rested, he will be a much better wingback than and left back imo.

I think he will still do a job for us as a LWB or trying him in an advanced position but Emerson is just not made for the Premiere league. He is faster but most of the time a worse defender.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Bet on Alonso to be the clutch striker.

Chilwell never runs into the box at the last minute.

This is the key difference between them. A run-of-the-mill coach would be tearing his hair out at the ridiculous run Alonso makes

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I was watching him about the 80th minute and he was casually jogging back. So infuriating..but then, and not for the first time,  he pops up with the winner. 

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I thought to myself that he was quietly having a very good game. Then he (with surreptitious help from Hudson-Odoi) evaporated the 'quiet' part.

Alonso could well go down as one of my favourite fun but flawed players. Strangely enough that was only his second goal this season.

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4 hours ago, LongtimerLurker said:

I think Alonso has to start the two finals. We need that a 'Wild card'

You want alonso for his height and box threat. 

You don't want alonso when you play tricky winger or need speed on the wing. 



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