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Samsung S% or S6?


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Dropped my bloody phone (Samsung S4) yesterday and it has died.  I have been very happy with it so want to stick with Samsung.  So, what do people think - S5 or S6?  I know the basic differences between the two (S6 has better camera but no external storage or external battery and not such a good battery life, so am thinking of going for the S5 and saving myself about £100.  But can anyone tell me different - is the S6 much better?

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Thanks.  I'll have a look though this review doesn't fill me with confidence http://www.trustedreviews.com/huawei-p9-review.  And looking at Amazon, it's over £300 new whereas I was looking at £170 for S5 "like new" or £270 for the S6.  I know they're only like new rather than brand new but still cheaper.  Even new the S5 is cheaper than the huawei.  And the S6 is about £400 new so not twice the price of the huawei.  How much did you pay if you don't mind me asking.

Anyway, matchday today means I will have to put off my research as I have to leave in an hour or so.  COYB!

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Had s5 for a couple of years. decent phone, only real issue i had was the flap over the charger came off, and the battery life wasnt great either.

Got an s7 edge now which i love, although probably wont go for an edge again as you can sometimes press the wrong key when typing 1 handed. 


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On 11/5/2016 at 14:41, dkw said:

Sorry, it was the p9 lite I got, paid about £180.

Ah right, they seem to be over £200 now.  I decided to get a Samsung S5 in the end as I found one on Amazon marketplace, like new for £135 which included a case, a glass screen protector and headphones.  Pleased with it so far anyway.

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3 minutes ago, Zola said:

thats pretty good!

I am still rocking a Galaxy S4, I pay 20 a month which I have gotten used to. I would like a shiny upgrade at some stage, but I will probably use this phone until its not performing well. 

That was my intention until I dropped the bloody thing!  But why don't you switch to a sim only contract?  I got a deal with Vodafone for £16 which includes spotify which on it's own is £10 a month - so the actual sim is only costing £6 and includes 8gb of data, unlimited texts and calls (I think, I certainly never get near whatever my allowance is) and same use abroad which is great on holidays.

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