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Tiémoué Bakayoko


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On 11/08/2018 at 08:49, Giordano_Bruno said:

Has he ever shown any desire or passion on the pitch to feel sad for him? the sleepiest and laziest player I've ever seen. And he was supposed to be "machine" and next Essien. Please. Get rid of this Droopy and never look back. 

You nailed it there!

I can forgive any player for not being good enough, but not lazy arses like him who don't give 100%. I'm old enough to remember Doug Rougvie. I'm being kind when I say he was limited as a footballer but, by God he had the heart of a lion and would run through a brick wall for Chelsea.  As such I had a real soft sport for him and though he made me groan at times I'd never feel like slaughtering his performances. 

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Well played by the club if they have managed to recoup most of his fee that we paid for him.

Obviously at the moment it’s only an option to buy and not a forced purchase so a long way to go.

The purchase of Barkley for a relatively low fee and the progress of Loftus-Cheek have made it so Bakayoko was more than surplus to requirements.

Wish him the best of luck with his loan though, never complained at Chelsea, seemed a good lad off the pitch too. 

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Italian league might suit him more and if Milan does end up buying him for that fee then we've definitely recouped that fee for a lot more than I originally thought we would.

He was never going to get a game here with the midfield options we've got at the moment. 

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34 minutes ago, ForeverCarefree said:

Random thought occurred to me. 

AC Milan already have Higuain on loan with an option to buy at the end of the season. 

How likely are they to take up both options at a cost of £70m?

One season of Bakaball and they will know the truth.

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I honestly can't remember when I've been so relieved to see someone leave us....
I'll not whinge about the money, as it isn't mine !!
Hopefully Milan will buy and we'll get shot, he is one of the worst players to wear our shirt, which is unbelievable considering how he was for Monaco.
Anyways... onward and upwards with Barkley and RLC.. 

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3 hours ago, chiefBlueCFC said:

Honestly, I can't believe Milan agreed to a £36M fee... that is absolutely surprising to me... Did they not watch Chelsea at all last season? Hopefully for his sake, he regains his form and does well.

Perhaps Conte submitted a scouting report to Milan, just after they decided to stick with Gattuso as manager!!

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