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Tiémoué Bakayoko

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It's hard to look at Bakayoko and see a player there but I think he has a lot of potential. 

He obviously had some errors yesterday but I also saw him do a lot things well that he wasn't doing so well a few weeks ago.

I think he will come good but like another poster said, Conte knew this and that's why he wanted Matic here to bring him along slowly.

A lot of people wanted Willian out after his first season.

If anything, this is just a reminder of just how much stronger the EPL is over Ligue 1. 

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2 hours ago, Stim said:

There is criticism and there is the vitriol you spewed in the match thread that shouldn't be tolerated including such wonderful hits as celebrating injury, an injury he 'deserves' as you put it.

Ive said it before, but anyone who wishes injury on one our own players is a f**king moron.

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This guy is a passenger we basically play with 10 men when hes on the pitch. Offers nothing certainly not a fit with kante

surely chalobah was better and certainly lotfus cheek

the fact he plays so much indicates to me that he was a conte buy

yes he is a passenger

yes he is awful

but he is still a chelsea player so i would not wish him ill

but please dont play again EVER

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9 minutes ago, Xfaxtor said:

I have to admit, after watching Matic lull around being absonute w**k for the better part of the last 3 seasons I thought to myself « well this guy cant possibly be worse». Boy was I wrong

When I see posts like this I just shake my head. No wonder Matic was happy joining United.

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1 hour ago, ForeverCarefree said:

What a d**khead.

Maybe the single worst individual performance I’ve ever seen by a Chelsea player. 

I've been much more patient with this bloke than most but I've had it with him tonight. That was one of the most appalling performances I've ever seen by any Chelsea player. He lost the ball virtually every time he got it, he was so lackadaisical that quite frankly it was unprofessional. It's a shame that he didn't get a straight red as he'd be suspended 3 games rather than one. 

At this point I'd rather Drinkwater/Luiz/Barkley or even Ampadu in midfield. The Bakayoko experiment should be shelved until next season, or pehaps he needs to be sold on/loaned out. He is far too much of a liability, his lack of focus has directly catalysed two very damaging defeats. 

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1 hour ago, adineen98 said:

What did we pay for him? 40 million? I genuinely can't think of one good performance from him. The decision to sell Matic is looking like absolute madness now, then again, we all have 20-20 vision in hindsight...

We must be blessed with a lot of clairvoyants on this forum, a quick look back in this thread around April last year and you'll find lots of us have him a resounding NO to signing. Are we money laundering with the Monaco owner perhaps?

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