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PSV vs Liverpool and Milan vs Bayern CL QF

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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This is embarassing to watch - PSV are making Liverpool look good!!

I don't think I have ever seen a more woeful first half from a quarter finalist team in the CL.

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Milan Munich? Is that on the tele?

I am watchung it on Star Sports via Sopcast. I was watching the Liverpool game but it is boring me rigid. NOt because Liverpool are winning, I wouls keep watching it despite that if PSV were making a game of it. However they are putting in a performance that an English 2nd division team would be ashamed of.

Bayern just equalised

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A little bit of justice done - Bayern equalise in last minute of injury time

Joe Cole's biggest fan is happy

Are you kidding ? Milan should have got a pen in the last minutes of the first half, then they scored a goal that wasnt offside. its not justice when you play that lucky especially because santa cruz cleary fouled in front of the referee.

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You don't actually watch the games do you german - you just go in with a desire and then make your account of the game match it!

Bayern fully deserved that equaliser and a draw was a fair reflection of the match when you consider that Bayern were the away team.

As for them being lucky, well that must have the unluckiest lucky penalty decision against them that I have ever seen.

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It was lucky because Milan had way more great chances, remember Gilardino 3m in front of the goal in the first half. Rensing had two great safes. The first wrong pen decision was wrong and the secound too, it was fair that they got the secound penalty cos the didnt got the first one who was a clear pen.

Even Franz Beckenbauer the biggst Munich scum says that it was bloody lucky.

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If your keeper makes great saves then it isn't luck - your keeper is part of your team, not some lucky clover that the centre forward picked in his garden on the way to the match!

That's is like saying you are lucky because your centre forward scored 2 great goals.

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You cant argue with me that this equalizer was bloody lucky. Even Beckenbauer says it was lucky.

- Milan played a lot better for most of the time,had better chances

- they scored a goal that wasnt offside, referee said it was

- 93rd minute equalizer of Munich, was the result of Santa Cruz foul


The penalty Milan got wasnt a penatly for sure but its only fair because they didnt got a penalty late in the first half

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What do I care what Beckenbauer says - he has been talking crap ever since he retired from playing!

I admit I didn't see the penalty that wasn't given so can't comment on that. Yes Milan were the better team and should have buried Bayern before they had even a sniff of equalising however they didn't and the Bayern back up keeper was a big part of the reason for that. That is credit to him, nothing to do with luck.

Bayern's equaliser wasn't lucky, it was poor defending by Milan. When Bayern defend well you say they are lucky, when Milan defend badly you say Bayern are lucky.

Is it safe to say your opinion is as impartial as Bluebeard's when he talks about Celtic!

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Can I ask u one question ? Did you see the equalizer ? Take a look at Santa Cruz (if you know him) and see what he does, then try to use your head. And see it from the position of a not english person. Poor defending is one thing, getting fouled is another

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Bit hard for me to see it from any other position given that I am English. Howver I will try and see it from your position.

Sorry for the delay, was just slipping my school blazer on. Think I am ready now.

That was no foul on Santa Cruz - do I know who he is? Keep the idiotic questions to yourself. If that had been given as a foul it would have been weaker than your point about Joe Cole and Robben. Even Cruz wasn't claiming a foul when it happened.

No, Loz. You don't understand. Keep your eye on the ball (if you know what that is). By the way, you have to bend down and look at the TV through your legs (did I have to tell you that?). And don't give me that weak excuse of not being able to see it from any other position than an Englishman's. I want you to pretend to see it from the perspective of a Mayan. He would definitely know what a football was. You, I can't be sure.

Ok. Now, a Mayan who bent down and looked through his legs would definitely see Santa Cruz, and, by the way, recognize the football.

Now, I think we might be on the same page. And because you agree with me, I am happy to tell you that you are a better man for it.



(PS> Loz, in my haste to poke fun, I've just realized that I edited rather than quoted your post, mate. Sorry about that.)

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oh and another thing

I have just seen the incident that I am presuming you are claiming was a penalty (i.e. the Lucio tackle on Kaka).

If that is the one you are referring to then you are talking nonsense. It was a fantastically timed tackle.

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Milan just gifted a penalty - appalling decision

One of the worst penalty decisions I have seen in a long time.

From every angle, it was a textbook sliding tackle from Lucio.

And Kaka wasn't even appealing for the penalty.

It got me riled, and Bayern are one of my least favourite teams.

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