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Pre game superstitions/rituals


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So I finally retired from football yesterday after an ex players V current game, boots went in the river and that's it. One of my team mates pointed out as I got ready that I always put my socks on in exactly the same way, I had never even thought about it, and he admitted he always made sure he was last on the pitch. So anyone else got any daft pre game rituals etc?

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If we get on a winning run I'll have to wear the same football shirt whilst watching us play. Which is a bit awkward at the moment as I've been wearing a Schalke shirt over the course of the 12 in a row. Hey, it's blue and it works.

Oh, and I've always got to have something that has been at the Bridge on my person, usually a scarf.

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I have a couple:

- I always listen to Liquidator once before the game, Zigger Zagger as well if I have time;

- If I'm at the pub I always remain standing until the game has finished;

- Never ever wear a Chelsea shirt unless it's a cup final;

- Always watch cup finals/title deciders at the same venue (CL Final 2012, FA Cup Final 2012, Europa League Final 2013, LC Final 2015, Chelsea vs Palace 2015). Unfortunately that venue has since shut down which is almost certainly why we haven't won anything in the past 18 months.

- One Step Beyond is always the first thing on the jukebox after we win a trophy or a big European game.

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14 hours ago, Xfaxtor said:

Yeah it was me, unfortunately my mate moved and sold the sofa. I asked the missus if we could buy it, but she shot that down fairly fast lol

Shame your now single, but you made the right choice you know....

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On a Cup Final day will always start with a glass of single malt whisky. Then will cook a large breakfast to see me through me the day. Will then go off to the pub to meet the others I go to the games with and then to the game assuming we've managed to get tickets.

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