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My old badges.

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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On 2017-6-15 at 11:51, bluehaze said:

Big badge fourth from left is the C.I.S.A badge from 1988. Badge on the right is the official supporters badge from 1979. Scarf was bought (brand new) on Ebay from a guy called Chelstero


Love that scarf Bluehaze...you couldn't share a link for it please? 

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57 minutes ago, doctorblue said:

Love that scarf Bluehaze...you couldn't share a link for it please? 

Here you go mate. It's advertised as a Welsh scarf but that's wrong Wales was red yellow and green.


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Best Chelsea Badge/ Motif ever IMO, was the one in 84- rampant lion, circular badge with all the trimmings, but the outer rim was turquoise rather than navy- one was on the hoarding next to the directors box, and another above the shed turnstilles.

If you go online google CFC Badge, there,s rakes of variations but none featuring turquoise.

Pics anyone.....

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