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Musical Connections Take Four


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Boyne you have just made me waste an hour on YouTube. Now for most ‘The Entertainer’ would have made them think of the film ‘The Sting’ which would not have been a wasted hour because it’s a brilliant film. However I thought Bobby Crush and Opportunity Knocks. This lead me to browse acts which appeared on Opportunity Knocks and my god there was some absolute sh*t and some very odd people appearing on that show. I always found the ‘Muscle Men’ very strange acts.

Posters born from 70 on will not have a clue what I’m talking about.

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@goose  Yes The Sting was a fantastic film, which probably introduced a whole new generation to Scott Joplin's music.  I was tempted to post Robbie Williams "Let Me Entertain You" but I just couldn't  bring myself to do that!!


here's another oldie to follow Soulo



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@moi, yes exactly the same for me couldn’t bring myself to post Robbie Williams. Was watching Graham Norton the other night with Elton John, Carrie Mulligan, Pink and Stephen Fry, was entertaining but then he introduced Robbie Williams I just turned over. Nothing really against him but he just annoys me.


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@goose As you and @moi have written the Sting is a great film. A few years since I've watched it so must watch it again. I know what you mean about youtube. I've spent a few hours on it. I did watch Opportunity Knocks occasionally. Bobby Crush: that's a name I haven't heard in a few years. When I think back to the seventies I remember on a Thursday getting home from school, having something to eat, then doing a bit of homework and then at about 7pm watching Top of the Pops. 

Following on from Moi


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