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Musical Connections Take Four


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It´s not so much a single moment but the whole experience of listening to an album that changes your perception on not only music but affects you in all aspects of life. When I first heard DMX rap at age 12 it made me realize I can be more than what the world dictates for me to be. When I heard A$AP Rocky´s LiveLoveA$AP it made me want to dress nice, it made me in love with fashion and combining different aspects of it together to look different, look fresh. When I first heard Kendrick Lamar´s Section.80 it made me realize that my generation has the chance to make this world a better world, to leave our mark on it. With Helplessness Blues, I can´t quite put my finger on it, but I do know that it changed my perception on how I looked at the world, and that´s what great artistry is all about.

As for dvsn. They are the present embodiment of that progression. Their music feels like drugs, it´s like nothing else in the world and they have certainly engraved their sound and vision into my path to greatness.


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