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Anybody got a second team you support not in a top division?

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On 19/06/2019 at 14:01, BlueBeard said:

Supported Rangers almost as long as I've supported Chelsea, over 50 years. Even Martin King gave me a mention in his latest book, Hoolifan 2, saying I was the first person he ever saw wearing a Rangers scarf in the Shed, must have been about 1971 or 1972 😂

As a kid I'd go to see Fulham when Chelsea were away in the late 60's, always had a soft spot for them and loved their ground - so close to the pitch as opposed to the bridge back then. Gone off them since their fans seem to regard us as their rivals 😂🤣😂

Other teams I like and look out for their results are Wimbledon, Plymouth, Hearts and Dundee.

Coming from a Rangers supporting family on my Dad's side I've always had a soft soft for Scotland's finest. Two of my cousins are ST holders at Ibrox. They live in Larkhall which is probably the most ardent Rangers supporting town in Scotland. I could tell some great stories about the place. I've been to Ibrox a few times over the years. A great stadium. Was there in 2007 for the Rangers v Chelsea pre-season friendly. The atmosphere was brilliant.

Also try and go to my local non-league side, Welling United a couple of times a season. A great little ground. It's great to see the ball being kicked over the fence into the main road outside and see it bouncing off cars. Must give the drivers a shock.


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In the US, my local (not anymore since I don't live there, but I grew up there) is Sporting Kansas City. Typically been a pretty good team but they are struggling this year after reaching CONCACAF Champions League Semifinal in April/May

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