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Callum Hudson-Odoi

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14 minutes ago, DisposeOfDeadwood said:

Do I think hes a good prospect and has good potential? Yes

Do I think he was a bit overhyped come the end of last season? Definitely


People were talking as if he was the natural heir to Hazard.. Unfortunately that is not the case imo. Hazard is a generational talent, and I dont think CHO would come as good as Eden did. The way hes been playing since his injury hasn't been great either and doesn't warrant him a starting position, he has to improve. Good thing that hes still very young and has plenty of time to improve, even by the end of this season

Were you around Eden Hazard when he was 18-19yo ? did you see the level he was at back then at that same age ?

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1 hour ago, coco said:

Were you around Eden Hazard when he was 18-19yo ? did you see the level he was at back then at that same age ?

Actually, I watched quite a lot of Eden whilst he was at Lille, especially towards the end. He was brilliant, and he even won the Ligue 1 player of the year award as a teenager.

Unfortunately, CHO is not near the level Hazard was at that age, not to mention that Hazard got to pretty insane levels in his very early 20's, and at the moment (based on the recent form of CHO) I can't see that happening. I hope im proved completely wrong, as I do think he has big potential, but ever since signing the contract and his injury he hasn't been anywhere near as good as he was at the end of last season.

If he can get back to that form within the next couple of months then fair enough, but things arent looking too bright at the moment.

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Was good going forward today.. saw him take on his player and for the majority glide past.. positive step in the right direction. He needs to build on this performance and try to repeat against EPL opposition.. but looked much sharper then i have seen him recently..

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2 minutes ago, Dross Stinkwater said:

Was I talking just about the premier league? My post clearly states EUROPA LEAGUE as well.

Not to mention domestic cup games he would have been a part of as well.


Out of all those potential games, which games were against good opposition and out of those how well did he play in them? My guess would be a very small number.

Also, I have patience for the youngsters but CHO's hype has gone way overboard (it did last season anyway) whereas for me, I think RJ is better for his position, and isn't hyped anywhere near as much as CHO is/was

Your guess....so you haven't actually watched these games which makes me wonder how you've come to this conclusion.

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1 hour ago, Dross Stinkwater said:

People gassing up CHO after that forest game as if he played against some top opposition.

It was only West Ham at Home 

It was only Bournemouth at Home

It was only Southampton at Home

We could use some flat track bully about now.

The kid had a good match. And he looked much quicker. Chelsea fans should be encouraged with what they saw yesterday. 


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40 minutes ago, Dross Stinkwater said:

I have, I watch or go to every chelsea game. But I just can't remember any against a big team where he performed that well.

I remember he was lighting it up in the europa league, but it was against farmers

What stand do you sit in, mate?   We could meet up for a pint or several.

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I think we need to realize, and remember, that CHO ruptured his Achilles in April. It's an incredibly difficult injury to deal with and recover from. While his tendon might be fully functional and technically healthy, he said it himself, he doesn't have full confidence in it yet. He still worries about getting kicked or stepping wrong. It's part of the recovery process, gaining the confidence in the muscle/tendon to make the necessary cuts and movements required in football. If he has been thinking about his ankle, and lower leg as he is playing, of course that is going to effect his playing.

Think some of you all need to give it a rest on CHO and let him gain confidence and realize we probably won't see CHO fully back to being himself until next season.

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56 minutes ago, Dross Stinkwater said:

Im not a season ticket holder.. I said I watch OR go to every game of the season, the majority are watched but I usually go to quite a few games as well. Not many prem games, (mostly european) but generally tend to sit in Matt harding lower or upper.


wbu pal, where do you sit? A pint of the ol singha sounds delightful with the one and only Yorkley

East Upper - let me know when you're able to get to  a game again.

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5 hours ago, Spiller86 said:

Is it just me or does he look about a thousand times better playing from the right than the left? 

It sounds like you have a vendetta about CHO playing on the left! 

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14 hours ago, RIP Mourinho said:

Forgetting about the other time he played them? Or were you not a Chelsea fan that far back. 

I accept that dross stonkwater might be annoying, but Coco said CHO played arsenal in the Europa league. He was just correcting him. 

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