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The 5 Most Memorable Games You've Attended At The Bridge

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With all the talk of our new stadium, which thankfully will still be located at the only place we've ever called home...

What are your top experiences at the Bridge, for whatever reasons?

1)  Chelsea 4 Hull 0 1977. 

 Promotion Party. You couldn't see the pitch for celebrating fans.

2) Chelsea 2 Liverpool 0 FA Cup 1982

We were mid table old 2nd Division, the "thieves" were European Champions and title elect winners. The shed was rocking.

3) Chelsea 4 Bolton 3 1979

A late 4 goal comeback with winner sliced into his own net by Sam Allardyce. ( No laughing)

4) Chelsea 3 Vicenza 1 CWC Semi 98

Sparky sealed it- we were off for our 1st Euro final in 27 years. Magic atmosphere.

5) Chelsea 3 Liverpool 2 CL Semi 2008

No explanation required





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In no particular order....

1) Chelsea 3 Sheffield United 2 (1994)

My first game. Last game of the Shed end in it's true form. Last game of the season, relegating Sheffield United with a late Mark Stein brace. I still love everything about this era and in some ways wish we never changed. 

2) Chelsea 3 Manchester United 0 (2006) 

This game probably marks the epitome of our dominance under the first spell of Mourinho. Winning the title in the sun, whilst running rings around United. Joe Cole sending Rio Ferdinand to the shops before scoring the pick of the goals. 

3) Chelsea 3 Spurs 3 (2007) 

FA Cup tie in which we were 3-1 down at half time. Great fun winding spurs up when it got back to 3-3 before knocking them out in their own ground a week later. The day of the infamous Parsons Green incident. There was something in the air this day- no love lost between two sets of fans. 

4) Chelsea 1 Barcelona 0 (2012) 

I missed the  4-2 game against Barcelona, so this one was special for me. Needless to say we all know how the story ended, and this was a crucial stepping stone of the journey. There was something amazingly satisfying about winning this game, given it was the first meeting since the game where they knocked us out with the Iniesta goal, after possibly the worst refereeing display of the century. 

5) Chelsea 4 Liverpool 4 [Chelsea win 7-5 on aggregate] (2009) 

The best game of football I have ever watched live. It had everything. Amazing atmosphere from both sets of fans from start to finish. 

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Chelsea 1-1 QPR Premier League 1996

Was the first game I ever attended. Where the love affair began. 


Chelsea 3-1 Vicenza Cup Winners Cup 1998 semi-final

Maybe the best atmosphere I've experienced at a game. Fighting back from 2 down on aggregate to winning a place in the final. 


Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal League Cup semi-final 1998

Another cup comeback, 2-1 down from the first leg and fought back to reach another final.


Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool Premier League 1999

Not an overly significant game or necessarily great match (although any game we beat Liverpool is pretty great). My old man had hernia surgery in the build up to the game and it was touch and go whether he would be able to take me or not. Day before the game he admits defeat and says he's not fit enough to take me... So up steps my Mum to accompany me. Mum never has had any interest in football but came along so I wouldn't miss out and I remember at full time some fella tapped her on the shoulders and asked "did you enjoy that love?". She was clearly a fish out of water but my fellow blues made her welcome.  


Chelsea 3 - 1 Barcelona Champions League 2000 1/4 final

Was amazing to see us playing such a massive team at the Bridge. There was a Spanish fella sat in from of me in the Shed upper and he smoked a great fat cigar that lasted the whole game and it stank... We played brilliantly and scored some great goals and the whole place was buzzing at full time. It felt like we were a team to really be reckoned with. 

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I haven't been to many, so not much to choose from!

1. Chelsea 2-2 Spurs (2016) - The infamous game where Leicester won the league and Spurs lost the plot

2. Chelsea 3-0 Valencia (2011) - The win to qualify from the group, when we went on to then win the CL

3. Chelsea 2-0 West Brom (2002) - My first game. Hasselbaink and Le Saux with the goals.

4. Birmingham 0-1 Chelsea (2008) - My first away game and my first game going on my own. Pizzaro with the only goal of a poor game.


Nothing else really stands out. Other than those I've mostly been to FA cup games where we played weakened sides, and I went to a CL game under Rafa when we won about 6-0 I think and there were several penalties.


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1) Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland
Last day of last season and a great moment seeing us lift the trophy.

2) Chelsea 2-4 Bradford
Memorable for all the wrong reasons

3) Chelsea 1-0 Bradford
My first game in i think 1998 or 1999. Tore Andre Flo scored the winner. I bet Bradford wont feature twice on many other peoples 5s

4) Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham
Nothing else to add

5) Chelsea 8-0 Wigan
To this day i have not seen an attacking display so frightening and efficient. We won the league this day too.

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1989 Beat Millwall 4-0

I was in the Shed and a great atmosphere, Millwall tried to break out of the away end but were stopped at the last minute by stewards. Bumped into a lot later at Charing Cross, probably lost 1 of my 9 lives :wink:

1991 Beat Liverpool 4-2

I was in the Shed End and we were drawing at half time and looking shaky. After the break Durie breaks down the left and sends in a great cross to the far post for Dixon to nod home. A goal of great simplicity and equally with great execution.

1995 Beat Bruges 2-0

We were trailing a goal from the away leg, the Bruges fans were surprisingly singing in English and I was in the Benches. Stein got us one back and then our misfiring striker Paul Furlong got what turned out to be a bizarre winner from the ricochet after closing down the keeper. It seemed like ages before the whistle went and we were all standing and singing in the rain as we tried to inspire the team to hang on.

1997 Drew with Utd 1-1

This was Zola's first season at the bridge and we hadn't seen much of his tricky skills until then, as far as I recall. I was in the West Stand and saw him dribble around two United defenders and then shoot past the keeper. It earned us a draw and Zola got admiration from Fergie.

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Chelsea 4-0 Brentford - First time attending a match in 12 years.

Chelsea 3-1 Southampton - Superb comeback

Chelsea 1-0 Everton - JT last minute winner

Chelsea 2-0 Galatasaray - Drogba returns to the Bridge

Chelsea 2-4 Bradford - One of those "I was there" moments

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